How to Open and Close Your Puzzle Sphere

Congratulations on your purchase of the Serpent God Edition of Total War: WARHAMMER II! Inside you will find the beautiful resin, lizardman puzzle-sphere containing the carved teeth idols of the four factions of the New World. For those of you struggling to open or close the intricate ancient mechanisms of the unknowable Cold Ones, we’ve put together a handy tutorial to help you secure your priceless artifacts inside.

Opening your sphere

This part is nice and easy. All you need to do is hold the sphere with both hands and twist the Lustrian map face of the sphere in these directions until each pin pops up:



Clockwise Again

That should release all three pins and upon turning and pulling the two sides apart you’ll find the two halves easily come apart.


Closing the Sphere

Now closing the puzzle-sphere is slightly more tricky but should be no trouble for a mighty general such as yourself!

Just follow these steps in order:

  • Place the two sides together and line up the two white/hollow circles, on the edge of each half, with eachother so that the sphere fits together nicely
  • Rotate the whole sphere so that the two hollow circles are pointing towards the ground with the map of Lustria side of the sphere visible
  • The first pin that needs to be popped in is the one on the northern most tip of the mountain ridge in the map (Top Left)
  • The second is the mostly southerly (Bottom)
  • And the third is the North Eastern pin in the seas (Top Right)
  • First, press on the Top Left pin with your finger and rotate the map of the sphere clockwise about 2 inches until you feel the first pin slot in
  • then, rotate it back counter-clockwise until it won’t rotate any further and move your finger to push in the second pin (Bottom)
  • Then once again rotate the half of the sphere clockwise until it won’t go any further and push in the third pin (Top Right)
  • Rotate the map of the sphere anti-clockwise once more and all the pins will be secure and your puzzle sphere will be locked once again