Become a Total War Content Creator

Wait, are you just looking for a one-off key?

If you’re just looking for a key for a released Total War game that’s grabbed your interest, you can request it through our Creative Assembly Woovit Page.
If you’re not sure where to start, try out some of the titles below:


At Creative Assembly, we want to ensure that content creators of all audience sizes feel supported, so if you’re making Total War content – apply for Verification!

Verification is for two types of content creator.

  • For growing Total War channels, it ensures that you have guaranteed access to pre-release content and start building a relationship with the influencer team at Creative Assembly as well as with other content creators.
  • Large strategy channels who have a desire to create Total War content, especially around launches. This ensures that you’ll always be ready to stream or make videos pre-release and tap into the hype.

After we have had the opportunity to build a relationship with your channel, those who still have a continued interested in creating content for new Total War titles can apply for Partnership, with has extended perks and access levels.

Please allow for up to 25 working days for us to reply to your application, if you’re interested in an upcoming launch, it’s better to apply sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Verification perks:

  • Pre-release keys
  • Access to our content creator Discord server
  • Access to full asset packs
  • Access to a regular Verified roundtable
  • Potential to be featured on our social media platforms and other promotional opportunities
  • Access to back-catalogue of Total War games
  • Direct to developer feedback opportunities
  • Access to our Xsolla Revenue Share program
  • Support for special projects
  • Work with us to grow your channel

To be Verified, we’re looking for:
A Total War Focused Channel

  • Have been creating content for the last 2 months consistently
  • Regular Total War content from games of any age!
  • Passionate, professional, and positive attitude
  • A desire to grow and develop a relationship with us here at CA
  • Consistent channel growth
  • Consistent adherence to the content guidelines (see below)


A larger channel with continued interest in Total War

  • An interest in creating future Total War content
  • Have been consistently creating content for the last 6 months, focusing on strategy games
  • At least 100,000 YouTube subscribers or 50,000 Twitch followers with proportional viewership
  • Passionate, professional, and positive attitude
  • Consistent adherence to the content guidelines (see below)

Partnership Perks:

  • All verification perks, plus:
  • Earlier access to keys
  • Access to a regular Partner roundtable
  • Partner-specific Discord channels
  • Partner-specific promotional opportunities
  • Early access to select marketing materials (trailers included)
  • Invitation to exclusive events, including hands-on gameplay opportunities

To become Partnered, we’re looking for:
A larger Total War Focused Channel

  • Consistent, high-quality Total War content
  • Passionate, professional, and positive attitude
  • Regularly playing currently or recently supported Total War Titles
  • Consistent adherence to the content guidelines (see below)
  • Clear channel benefit from having earliest access to upcoming titles.
  • Willingness to sign an NDA (for pre-announce keys)
  • A channel who we have worked with as Verified for 2 years

As Partners are given NDA’d pre-announce access, we only have a limited number of Content Partner slots

Content Guidelines

  • You are free to criticize our games and content, but do so respectfully and without calling out specific members of the team
  • Do not attack/call out other content creators in the program
  • No hate speech – this includes but is not limited to racial slurs, homophobic remarks, sexism, transphobic remarks, derogatory language, or attacks on political or religious beliefs
  • No personal attacks or harassment
  • No dishonesty or intentional misinformation about products (not limited to products made by Creative Assembly)
  • No pornographic content
  • No real-world gore, death, or excessively violent content
  • Do not break embargoes
  • Abide by the Content Creator and Official Total War Discord server rules when you participate in them
  • Follow your platform’s Terms of Service
  • Contribution to (or creation of) a toxic/hateful environment, through any of the above, or elsewise, is unacceptable

Please note that we do also look at your conduct outside of your content and the Discord server – contributing to toxicity or hate speech of any kind is not tolerated.

If your application is successful you will be emailed a link to our Discord server, where we host all our information, activities, assets, and embargoes.

Verification and Partnership is granted manually on a case-by-case basis – the requirements are not absolute.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove anybody from the Content Creator Program if they break the Content Guidelines.

New applications are currently paused.