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Legendary Lord

Choose your
Legendary Lord

The Warden The Paunch

Eltharion the Warden

Dour but beloved ruler

Eltharion the Grim is truly one of the greatest of all Ulthuan’s generals. His past exploits of driving attackers from the shores of Ulthuan, including the first legendary Waaagh! of Grom himself, saw him elected as the Warden of Tor Yvresse, and in previous years he has taken his blade overseas to the Old World in an attempt to scour his arch enemies – the Greenskins – from the land. Though he managed to slaughter countless Warbosses and topple many Orc fortresses that theretofore had survived earthquakes, Bretonnian crusades, and Dwarf sieges, he eventually learned that the attentions of the belligerent Greenskins could never be abated. Returning to Tor Yvresse, Eltharion decided with grim determination that he would use his tenure to train the city’s armies and fortify its defences as never before. When the city comes under threat, the Warden of Tor Yvresse uses any and all means to protect his realm. Though his methods may be questionable to his peers, the dour ruler is dearly loved by his people and feared by his enemies, taking to the skies upon his Griffon Stormwing in times of war to cut through foes like a wind of blades.

Grom the Paunch

Self-styled Goblin King

Grom the Paunch is a huge and powerful lump of a Goblin Warboss, a superlatively-sized individual whose looming presence and ferocity make him a living god amongst other Goblins. His prodigious size was caused by him once having consumed a portion of uncooked Troll meat, an act of gluttony that means he must relentlessly eat copious amounts of food to keep constantly digesting the regenerating flesh lest his massive, protruding belly eventually bursts. It is said that Grom has not seen his legs since consuming the foul meat, yet his frightening size means that he no longer needs to and can, instead, order others to see them for him if he wishes. Following countless successful raids across the Old World, his grandiose reputation has grown as much as his bloated frame. In the past, Grom’s Waaagh! had seen hundreds of different Greenskin tribes flock to his standard, held aloft by his Night Goblin standard-bearer, Niblet. In battle, the self-styled Goblin King often rides with his attendants upon a chariot suitably sized for his expansive proportions, charging into battle with devasting momentum only achievable due to his obscene weight.


  • Has access to the Dungeon of Athel Tamarha
  • Can spread the Mists of Yvresse, cloaking Eltharion and his allies’ lands in a defensive shroud
  • Recruit rank: +3 for Spear Infantry and Ranger units
  • Diplomatic relations: -80 with Greenskins


  • Barded Ithilmar Steed: An extremely light yet resilient material, Ithilmar gives the same protection as heavy steel, but without slowing down its wearer
  • Stormwing: Together with Stormwing, Eltharion cuts through Ulthuan’s foes like a wind of blades as the mighty Griffon rakes and claws with savagery


  • Melee Defence: +8 for Spear Infantry and Ranger units
  • Leadership: +8 for Spear Infantry and Ranger units
  • Attribute: Causes Fear when fighting against Greenskins
  • Immune to Barren Wasteland attrition


  • Fangsword of Eltharion: This rune-encrusted longsword has been passed down through Eltharion’s family for generations, bestowing unto him the zeal of his forefathers
  • Helm of Yvresse: The ceremonial crown of he who protects Yvresse’s ancient metropolis is an inspirational symbol of dogged determination
  • Talisman of Hoeth: This finely wrought medallion allows its wearer a measure of the original Warden’s magical knowledge to aid in the guardianship of Yvresse.


  • Diplomatic relations: -80 with High Elves
  • Global recruitment duration: -1 turn for Goblin units
  • Has access to Grom’s Cauldron
  • Suitable Climate: Temperate Island
  • Waaagh! has a chance to contain Pump Wagons


  • Chariot of Grom: Grom is ALWAYS mounted atop the Chariot of Grom


  • Leadership: +10 when fighting against Elves
  • Army ability: “Grom’s Waaagh!” (replaces: “Waaagh!”)
  • Physical resistance: +10% for Goblin units
  • Upkeep: -50% for Chariot and Pump Wagon units


  • Axe of Grom: Like a butcher’s cleaver, Grom uses the fabled ‘Elf-Biter’ to make tasty cuts of meat out of his rivals!
  • Lucky Banner: Along with his serendipitous standard-bearer, Niblet, who once somehow survived being sat on by him, the Goblin King’s banner brings inexplicable luck

Start Positions

Start Positions


A World Asunder

Cooldown: -50% to "Mistwalker Barrage" Public Order: -1 (Local Province) Enemy leadership: -8 (Local Region)

Break Upon the Walls

Ability: "Unending Volley" for missile units (Lord's Army) Armour: +10 for shielded units (Lord's Army)

Dedicated to Ladrielle

Attribute: Stalk for Mistwalkers units (Lord's Army) Missile strength: +20% for Mistwalkers units (Lord's Army) Vigour loss reduction: -40% for Mistwalkers units (Lord's Army)

Grim Discipline

Replaces: "Martial Mastery and Martial Prowess" (Lord's Army) Passive Ability: "Grim Discipline" (Lord's Army) Attribute: Expert Charge Defence (Lord's Army)

Storm of Blades

Armour-piercing weapon damage: +55 Speed: +15%

Unyielding March

Campaign movement range: +10% (Lord's Army) Recruitment cost: -25% (Lord's Army) Global recruitment capacity: +2


Construction cost: -25% for Wall and Garrison buildings (Factionwide) Construction time: -2 for Wall and Garrison buildings (Factionwide) Armour: +15 for all units when defending (Lord's Army)


Boisterous Shakedown

Income from post-battle loot: +20% Magic item drop chance: +15% Income from sacking settlements: +15%

Chariot Races

Attribute: Perfect Vigour for for Chariots and Pump Wagon units (Lord's Army) Armour: +10 for Chariots and Pump Wagon units (Lord's Army) Speed: +12% for Chariot and Pump Wagon units (Lord's Army)

Comin' Back!

Enemy leadership: -7 for Elven units (Local Region) Wound recovery time: -2

Culinary Curmudgeon

Growth: +15 (All Provinces) Casualty replenishment rate: +5% (Lord's Army)

Down to Size

Bonus vs. Large: +10 for Goblin units (Lord's Army) Melee attack: +6 for Goblin units (Lord's Army)

Gargantuan Glutton

Hit points: +8% Physical resistance: +8%

His Great Immensity

Leadership: +9 for Goblin units (Lord's Army) Leadership aura size: +75%

Roll 'Em Over!

Attacks cause "Rattled" effect, reducing combat ability Charge bonus: +50%

Da Great 'Un Iz 'Ere!

Ability: "Da Great 'Un Iz 'Ere!"

Language of Da Boyz

Passive ability: "Language of Da Boyz"


The Paunch

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The Warden

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