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Legendary Lord

Choose your
Legendary Lord

The Twisted The Twilight

Throt the Unclean

Twisted and ingenious Master Mutator

Throt is one of Hell Pit’s most feared Lords, both creating and leading vast numbers of bloodthirsty creatures as the Master Mutator of Clan Moulder. Whenever Throt fights he wields Creature-Killer in one of his three arms, a modified things-catcher that can grab and throttle beasts as large as Rat Ogres.

The Sisters of Twilight

Twins of unusual circumstance

Arahan and Naestra are Ariel’s heralds of mysterious origin, they were once one Elven maiden, split in two by the Weave for reasons unknown to all but them. On the battlefield, the sisters are carried through the skies by their loyal steeds – Gwindalor, descendent of the King of Eagles, and Ceithin-Har, a hot-blooded Dragon.


  • Has access to the Clan Moulder Flesh Laboratory
  • Construction cost: -50% for Breeding Stock, Pits of the Packmasters, Force-Feeding Chambers and Laboratory buildings
  • Hit points: +10% (all characters)
  • Immune to Mountain attrition
  • Suitable Climate: Frozen


  • Brood Horror: For the gaudier Warlord, Clan Moulder offers their most bloated Pox Rats as mounts to flail, crush, and savage a way through the enemy’s ranks.


  • Upkeep: -20% for Wolf Rats, Rat Ogres, Mutant Rat Ogre, Brood Horror and Hell Pit Abomination units
  • Armour: +10 for Wolf Rats, Rat Ogres, Mutant Rat Ogre, Brood Horror and Hell Pit Abomination units
  • Passive ability: Regeneration


  • Creature-Killer: Throt’s modified things-catcher makes him an expert throttler, but allows him to excel at throttling things much larger than man-sized!
  • Whip of Domination: Even the hunchbacked and mutated things of Hell Pit’s warrens can be frenzied forward by the stinging pain of Throt’s scathing minotaur-hide whip


  • Forge of Daith: Craft and upgrade unique weapons, armour and items offered by the master smith Lord Daith
  • Ability: “Volley of Kurnous” for Hawk Riders units
  • Ammunition: +10%


  • Gwindalor: The Sister’s start mounted on their Great Eagle Gwindalor, they must always be mounted on either Gwindalor or Ceithin-Har
  • Ceithin-Har: Forest Dragons are not known for their recklessness, but the venturesome Ceithin-Har is a true reflection of the Sisters’ combative aspect


  • Upkeep: -15% for ranged units
  • Charge bonus: +15% for flying units
  • Melee attack: +10 for flying units


  • Naestra – Talon of Dawn: Bolts of blessed light melt through armour to sear the flesh beneath. Each bolt is highly effective against large targets
  • Arahan – Talon of Dusk: Once loosed, this multiple-volley of arrows splinters into scores of poisonous thorns that seek the flesh of Athel Loren’s enemies. Particularly effective against condensed clusters of infantry units

Start Positions

Start Positions



Ability: "Remouldered"
Hit points: +10%

Monster Throttler

Growth Juice gained from recycled units: +10% (factionwide)
Armour-piercing weapon damage: +50
Bonus vs. Large: +10

Specimen Collector

Growth Juice gained from battles: +10% (factionwide)
Income from post-battle loot: +10%
Casualty replenishment rate: +10% (Lord’s army)

Ravening Hunger

Attribute: Perfect Vigour
Leadership: +5

Master of the Mutated

Weapon strength: +12% for Wolf Rats, Rat Ogres, Mutant Rat Ogre, Brood Horror and Hell Pit Abomination units (Lord’s army)
Melee defence: +8 for Wolf Rats, Rat Ogres, Mutant Rat Ogre, Brood Horror and Hell Pit Abomination units (Lord’s army)
Missile resistance: +10% for Wolf Rats, Rat Ogres, Mutant Rat Ogre, Brood Horror and Hell Pit Abomination units (Lord’s army)

The Unclean One

Cooldown: -50% to "Beast Pack"
Ability number of uses: +1 for "Beast Pack"
Hit points: +5%
Ward save: +10%



Ward save: +10%
Wound recovery time: -3

The Queen’s Emissaries

Diplomatic relations: +15 with Dark Elves, High Elves and Wood Elves
Growth: +20 (local province)
Public order: +2 (local province)

Naestra’s Vigilance

Passive ability: "Guardian"
Campaign line of sight: +15%
Campaign movement range: +10%
Casualty replenishment rate: +10% (Lord’s army)

Arahan’s Reckoning

Gain +1 additional Forest Health for winning battles in Magical Forests or their Heathlands (Lord’s army)
Income from post-battle loot: +15%
Income from razing settlements: +15%
Ambush success chance: +10%

Masters of the Aeries

Physical resistance: +10% for flying units
Upkeep: -10% for flying units
Attribute: Vanguard Deployment
Attribute: Vanguard Deployment for Great Eagles and Forest Dragons units

Otherworldly of Spirit

Ability number of uses: +1 for all Dragon Breath attacks (all armies)
Ability number of uses: +1 for "Volley of Kurnous" (all armies)
Ward save: +5% (Lord’s army)

Challenge to Daith

Forge of Daith items "Reforged" duration: +2 turns
Turn time: -2 between each of Daith's gifts received


The Twilight

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The Twisted

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