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The Shadow The Blade

Deathmaster Snikch

The Skaven's most devious mastermind

Of all the Clan Eshin assassins thought to be scattered across the Skaven’s subterranean strongholds and within the cities of the surface-dwellers, the one known as Deathmaster Snikch is truly a most dreaded figure of speculation. His deeds and whereabouts are the stuff of rumours that echo throughout the Under-Empire, suiting his master Lord Sneek, the Grand Nightlord of Clan Eshin and member of the Lords of Decay – because as long as no-one knows Snikch’s real location, then no-one can ever feel truly safe. Once deployed, Deathmaster Snikch does not fail, and it is all but impossible for anyone to divine his presence. Snikch is likely the mastermind behind many of the ratmen’s most devious acts of sabotage; great fires, heinous bombings, the failure of war machines on the eve of tide-turning battles – who knows how many of the world’s pivotal disasters were really the work of the Deathmaster?

Malus Darkblade

Determined tyrant driven by a lust for power

Even by the standards of Hag Graef’s warring families, Malus Darkblade is ambitious beyond reason. In the brutal crucible of one of the most sinister and foreboding cities in the Land of Chill, he excelled at the deadly game of politics to earn his tyrannical reputation. One day, driven by an insatiable lust for power, Malus was led into the clutches of a being even darker than he. From that moment, his fate became inexorably intertwined with that of the Daemon Tz’arkan, the Drinker of Worlds, who eventually became imprisoned within his very soul. Relying on his own dark determination and limitless reserves of hatred to overcome any opposition, Malus perseveres through the torment of his Daemonic possession to draw upon Tz’arkan’s frightening power when needed, carrying out the bidding of the Witch King as he hacks a path of bloody ruin across the world.


  • Has access to Clan Eshin Shadowy Dealings actions
  • Recruitment cost: +200% for all non-Eshin units (all armies)
  • Clan Loyalty: Eshin Lords never defect
  • Night Runners and Gutter Runners units use armour-piercing Warp-infused projectiles


  • Deathmaster Snikch stalks around in the shadows, looking for the perfect opportunity to strike. A mount would just slow him down!


  • Ambush success chance: +25%
  • Melee attack: +8 for embedded Heroes (Lord’s army)
  • Ability: “Concealment Bombs”


  • Whirl of Weeping Blades (Quest Item)
  • The Cloak of Shadows (Quest Item)


  • Malus is possessed by the daemon Tz’arkan, who is controlled with the use of elixirs
  • Tz’arkan’s Whispers: The Daemon influences Malus to commit acts of slaughter and cruelty
  • Military Alliance with Naggarond
  • Income from Irons Mines, Gold Mines and Marble Quarries +30% (All Regions)


  • Spite: Larger than most others of its kind, the ferocious Cold One named ‘Spite’ is truly a creature fit for a heartless murderer like Malus Darkblade


  • Recruitment cost: -20% for Cold One Dread Knights, Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariot Units (Lord’s army)
  • Upkeep: -50% for Cold One Dread Knights, Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariot Units (Lord’s army)


  • The Warpsword of Khaine (Quest Item)

Start Positions

Start Positions



Enemy units are afflicted with temporary defensive penalties at the beginning of ambush battles (Lord's army) Ambush success chance: +10% (Lord's army) Enemy leadership: -5 (local region)

Scurry Fast-Quick

Campaign movement range: +5%
Charge bonus: +8 (Lord's army)

Conceal-Hide Them

Speed +10% for infantry units (Lord's army) Ability: "Concealment Bombs" for Night Runners and Gutter Runners units (Lord's army)

Contract Loopholes

Upkeep: -25% for all units (Lord's army) Hero and Lord recruit rank +3 (all provinces)

Just Dodge It

Melee defence: +5 Physical resistance: 15%

Sabotage & Unrest

Immediately causes siege attrition at a reduced rate when besieging enemy settlements Public order: -5 (local enemy province)

From the Shadows

Ability: "From the Shadows"

Deathmaster's Sigil

Passive Ability: "Deathmaster's Sigil"


The Waking

Cooldown: -20% to "The Blood Price" Cooldown: -20% to "The Deamon's Curse"

Pain Tolerance

Missile resistance: 10% Melee defence: +10

Lying in Wait

Ambush success chance: +15% (Lord's army) Chance of intercepting an army using the Underway, beast-paths or Worldroots: +20% Attribute: Stalk

The Slumber

Cooldown: -20% to "Bloodstorm" Cooldown: -20% to "Reaper of Souls"

Avatar of Terror

Enemy leadership: -7 (local enemy armies) Attribute: Causes Terror (While transformed into Tz'arkan)

Supernatural Tissue

Casualty replenishment rate: +30% for Lords (Lord's Army) Ward save: 10% (While transformed into Tz'arkan)

Cold Heart

Campaign Movement range: +5% Attrition: -30% casualties suffered from all attrition (Lord's army) Vigour loss reduction: -50% for for Cold One Dread Knights, Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariot Units (Lord's army)

Drachau Tyrant

On turn start, Lords in this character's region have a chance to gain 1 loyalty (local region) Public order: +3% (local province) Upkeep: -10% for all units (Lord's army)

Contempt & Hatred

Weapon strength: +20% when fighting against anything and everything


The Blade

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The Shadow

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