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Choose your
Legendary Lord

The Hunter The Beast

Markus Wulfhart

The Emperor's chief hunter and slayer of monsters across the world

Markus Wulfhart – otherwise known by his title of Huntsmarshal – is Karl Franz’s Captain of Scouts who fights at the head of his elite unit of expert huntsmen known as “Wulfhart’s Hunters”. Consisting of a unique, rag-tag band of trappers, trackers, archers and scouts hailing from the many states and provinces of the Empire and beyond, their mission is brutally simple: the utter destruction of the myriad beasts that terrorise and murder Imperial citizens, with extreme prejudice and taking absolutely no prisoners along the way – all in the Emperor’s name!

Nakai the Wanderer

He may appear to be a wizened Kroxigor Ancient, but his near-silent demeanour masks a warrior of tremendous stature.

Indeed, he is arguably the finest exponent of single combat ever spawned. Nakai earned his epithet due to his solitary nature, for instead of pledging himself to a single temple-city, he goes wherever the Great Plan deems it necessary – whenever the Lizardmen are in dire need; when catastrophe threatens their existence. He is revered by the Skinks, who adorn him with tokens of his many battles fought in preservation of his race and the furtherance of the Great Plan


  • Limited Roster: Only basic units are immediately recruitable
  • Reinforcements from the Empire bring powerful units to bolster your armies
  • Hostile actions will result in retaliation from local factions, but will also empower your own armies
  • Recruit rank: +3 for Huntsman Generals
  • Diplomatic relations: -40 with Lizardmen


  • Markus Wulfhart has no mount option and prefers to remain on foot while firing at his enemies


  • Ambush defence chance: +50% (Lord’s army)
  • Ambush success chance: +50% (Lord’s army)
  • Upkeep: -50% for Archers and Huntsmen units (Lord’s army)


  • Amber Bow (Quest Item)


  • Nakai’s horde unlocks units, while other hordes use global recruitment to get access to them
  • Nakai’s vassals occupy the settlements conquered. More settlements controlled come with increasing rewards
  • Recruit rank: +3 for Kroxigor Ancients


  • Melee defence: +5 for Kroxigor and Sacred Kroxigor units (Lord’s army)
  • Recruitment cost: -10% for Kroxigor and Sacred Kroxigor units (Lord’s army)


  • A beast riding a beast? Not this Kroxigor… Nakai the Wanderer is his own mount


  • Golden Tributes (Quest Item)
  • The Ogham Shard (Quest Item)

Start Positions

Start Positions


Best of the Best

Recruit rank: +2 for all units

Impervious to Attack

Melee defence: +10
Missile resistance: 10%

Master Survivalist

Campaign movement range: +5%
Campaign line of sight: +10%
Casualty replenishment rate: +10%

Irregular Elite

Upkeep: -15% for Huntsmen and archers units (Lord's army)
Melee attack: +8 for Huntsmen units (Lord's army)
Missile damage: +10% for Huntsmen and archers units (Lord's Army)

Sleight of Hand

"Double Shot" Ammunition (extra projectiles) for Huntsmen units (Lord's army)
Reload time reduction: +8%

Telescopic Aim

Range: +12%
Enables sundering attacks

Grand Huntsmarshal

Attribute: Vanguard Deployment (Lord's army)
Attribute: Immune to Psychology (Lord's army)


Legendary Warrior:

Leadership aura size: +20%
Character’s aura leadership effect: +5

Daemon Crusher

Charge bonus: +10
Weapon strength: +10%

Cold-Blooded Reflexes:

Attacks cause "Discouraged" effect, reducing leadership
Attribute: Causes Terror

First Spawning:

Speed: +10%(Lord’s army)
Ability: “Frenzy” for Kroxigor and Sacred Kroxigor units(Lord’s army)


Casualty replenishment rate: +5% (Lord’s army)
Horde Growth: +3 (Lord’s army)

The Sacred Wanderer:

Attribute: Unbreakable


The Beast

Want to be a predator and protector of the Lizardmen? Click Nakai the Wanderer to learn more about this absolute unit of a Kroxigor.

The Hunter

Prefer the hunter to the beast? Click Markus Wulfhart to see how to play as the master archer.