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Legendary Lord

Choose your
Legendary Lord

The Prophet The Warlock


Tehenhauin, a Red Crested Skink, emerged as the charismatic Prophet of Sotek after a devastating plague was spread across Lustria by Clan Pestilens.

As he led a migration out of the defiled city of Chaqua where the disease began, he prophesied the coming of the Serpent-God and rallied the surviving population of Lizardmen to join his counterattack. As Sotek’s cult grew, so too did the Prophet’s following, and for many years Tehenhauin led his apostles to many victories, slaughtering countless captives as sacrificial offerings in the hope that their spilt blood would bring forth the Serpent-God himself.

Ikit Claw

Ikit Claw – like all of Skavenkind – is naturally suspicious, untrusting, untrustworthy and, well, downright treacherous.

His aptitude for science and invention is unrivalled, but as well as being the greatest Skaven Warlock of all time, Ikit Claw has also developed an awesome command of the Winds of Magic. His exceptional scientific knowledge and magical powers have made him indispensable to the Council of Thirteen. In his quest for mass destruction, Ikit created the Doomsphere, the first Atomic Bomb, and he will stop at nothing to unleash it upon the world.


  • Sacrificial offerings gained from winning battles can be offered to Sotek to receive a variety of powerful rewards.
  • Upkeep: +200% for Saurus Infantry and Temple Guard units until completing Stage 1 of the Prophecy of Sotek
  • Rite cost: -75% for Rite of Sotek


  • Physical resistance: 10% for Skink units (Lord’s army)
  • Leadership: +10 when fighting against Skaven (Lord’s army)
  • Untainted: +3 (local province)


  • Horned One
  • Ripperdactyl
  • Ancient Stegadon (Engine of the Gods)

Unique Item

  • Blade of the Serpent’s Tongue (starting item)
  • Plaque of Sotek (quest item)


  • Gain access to the Clan Skryre Forbidden Workshop
  • Research rate: +20%
  • Loyalty: +2 for new recruits
  • Construction cost: -40% for Engineering buildings


  • Starts the campaign with a Warpstorm Doomrocket
  • Upkeep: -50% for Warplock Jezzails, Ratling Gun and Warpfire Thrower Weapons Team units (Lord’s army)
  • Recruit rank: +2 for all Skaven Weapons Team units


  • Doom-flayer
  • Doomwheel

Unique Item

  • Iron Frame (starting item)
  • Storm Daemon (quest item)

Start Positions

Start Positions


Uses Lore of Beasts

Tehenhauin is a magic user and has access to the Lore of Beasts


Melee attack: +12, Physical Resistance: 10%

Prophecy of Eradication

Bonus vs. Infantry: +15, Weapon Strength: +10% when fighting against Skaven, Beastmen Warherds, Chaos and Norsca (Lord’s army), weapon strength: +10%

Disciples of Sotek

Armour: +20 for Red Crested Skinks and Bastiladon (Ark of Sotek) units (Lord’s army), Melee defence: +8 for Red crested Skinks (Lord’s army)

Tide of Sotek

Leadership: +10 for Red Crested Skinks and Bastiladon (Ark of Sotek) units (Lord’s army), Melee attack: +8 for Red Crested Skinks (Lord’s army)

Promises of Reconstruction

Public order: +2 (all provinces), Untainted: +2 (local Province), Tax rate: +30% (local province)

Sotek’s Gifted

Winds of Magic power reserve: +10, Winds of Magic cost: -10% for Lore of Beasts


Casualty replenishment rate: +10% for Red Crested Skinks and Bastiladon (Ark of Sotek) units (Lord’s army), Upkeep: -20% for Red Crested Skinks and Bastiladon (Ark of Sotek) units (Lord’s army)


Sacrificial Offerings: +20% through post-battle options (factionwide), Global recruitment capacity: +1, Local recruitment capacity: +1


Uses lore of Ruin

Ikit Claw favours ranged combat and is a caster with access to lore of Ruin

Power Overload

Cooldown: -20% to all spells

Warptech Academy

+3 loyalty for warlock Masters, Hero capacity: +1 for Warlock Engineers

Improved Warpstone Detector

+50% chance to acquire Warp-fuel after battle

The Very Latest Thing

Ammunition type: Concentrated Flame (increased range and anti-large), Missile damage: +12 %

Optimised Production

Recruitment duration: -1 for Doom-flayer and Doomwheel units, Recruit rank: +2 for Doom-flayer and Doomwheel units (Lord’s army)

Doomsday Scientist

Winds of Magic power reserve: +20, Upgrades ability: “Brass Orb”

Out Now

The Warlock

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The Prophet

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