Total War: WARHAMMER III Exalted Program


The Exalted Program is a connection between creators and the CA development team, and similarly to our previous creator programs, there will be two categories of creator: Exalted and Exalted Champions. 

Both categories have a limited number of spaces available to ensure we are able to offer a consistently high-quality service.

Exalted receive early access to review builds of the game in order to create content that accurately reflects their thoughts and feelings on our upcoming releases, and we will always ensure that they have a chance to submit feedback and might collaborate with us on paid sponsorships around our major launches. Furthermore, within the Exalted there will be a regular rotation of “Guest Champions” with each new DLC release, allowing Exalted to test the waters if they would like to pursue the deeper connection that being a Champion provides. 

Exalted Champions will work closely with us on improving the game and having a say in development. They will have larger followings within the Warhammer III community, and a strong desire to work directly with the Creator Team at CA on a consistent, professional basis. They will have earlier access to preview builds, and earlier opportunities to show off that content. Champions will have more regular contact with the development team and senior leadership of the game, and will have more opportunities to provide feedback earlier in development. There are still sponsorship opportunities for Champions, with a fixed number for each release.

Exalted Perks

  • Pre-release keys
  • Access to our Exalted Discord server
  • Access to full asset packs
  • Potential to be featured on our social media platforms and other promotional opportunities
  • Access to post within an exclusive promotional channel in our Official Total War Discord Server.
  • Access to back-catalogue of Total War games
  • Some direct to developer feedback opportunities
  • Access to our Xsolla Revenue Share program
  • Support for special projects (i.e. tournaments, collaboration, etc.)
  • Creator Team staff time to discuss your channel growth
  • Opportunities to become Guest Champions

Exalted Requirements

  • Have been creating WARHAMMER III content consistently.
  • Release high quality WARHAMMER III content.
  • Have a passionate, positive, and professional attitude.
  • Have a desire to either:
    1. Grow as a creator and develop a working relationship with us here at Creative Assembly.
    2. Cover Warhammer III content around major releases.
  • Either:
    1. Audience growth on your Warhammer III content.
    2. Considerable viewership of your Warhammer III content.
  • Adhere to our content guidelines.

Exalted Champion Perks

All Exalted perks, plus:

  • Earlier access to preview keys and embargos
  • Access to feedback betas for upcoming DLCs
  • Access to Developer Deep Dives with Q&A opportunities
  • Access to Open Office hours with CA staff
  • Champion-specific Discord channels
  • Champion-specific promotional opportunities
  • Early access to select marketing materials (trailers included)
  • Invitation to exclusive events

Exalted Champion Requirements

  • Currently a member of the Exalted.
  • Release high quality WARHAMMER III content.
  • Have a passionate, positive, and professional attitude.
  • Are established within the Total War: Warhammer 3 community; with a desire to maintain a professional working relationship with us here at Creative Assembly.
  • Have a strong, consistent audience for your WARHAMMER III content.
  • Desire to provide in-depth constructive feedback on upcoming content releases throughout all stages of development.
  • Adhere to our content guidelines.

Exalted Content Guidelines

  • Constructive and productive criticism is always welcomed, but targeted attacks against individuals will not be tolerated.
  • No hate speech – this includes but is not limited to racial slurs, homophobic remarks, sexism, transphobic remarks, derogatory language, or attacks on political or religious beliefs.
  • No utilising your platform to harass individuals.
  • No dishonesty or intentional misinformation about products (not limited to products made by Creative Assembly).
  • No pornographic content, real-world gore, death, or excessively violent content
  • Do not break embargoes or your NDA (if applicable).
  • Abide by the Content Creator and Official Total War Discord server rules when you participate in them.
  • Follow your platform’s Terms of Service.
  • Contribution to (or creation of) a toxic/hateful environment, through any of the above, or elsewise, is unacceptable.

Please note that we do also look at your conduct outside of your content and the Discord server – contributing to toxicity or hate speech of any kind is not tolerated.

If your application is successful you will be emailed an NDA and a link to our Discord server, where we host all our information, activities, assets, and embargoes.

All Exalted are chosen on a case-by-case basis – the requirements are not absolute.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove anybody from the Content Creator Program if they break the Content Guidelines.

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