The Silence and The Fury, plus Khorne in WARHAMMER III – all the news from the Warhammer Skulls Showcase


Total War
June 4 2021

Good time-it-is-in-your-part-of-the-world everyone, welcome back to The Warhammer Skulls Showcase, a new name and format for the yearly big blowout sale and new content bonanza from our friends over at Games Workshop, was yesterday. This year featured a livestream of announcements, showing off trailers and footage from a host of games, not least of which were Total War: WARHAMMER II & III.

Warhammer Skulls Announcements

The bits you’re probably here for: the announcements. Here are the two trailers we put out yesterday, first for the upcoming Total War: WARHAMMER II DLC, the Silence & the Fury.

Oxyotl, Taurox, and a heap of new units for Beastmen and Lizardmen, as well as a few surprises, coming your way in July. We’ll have more news on this soon enough, so keep your eyes peeled.

Then for WARHAMMER III we have Enter the World of Khorne, showcasing for the first time the mighty warhost of the god of blood, death, and murder.

Red. Our Legendary Lord for Khorne is Skarbrand the Exiled One, once the greatest of all of Khorne’s daemons until he betrayed the Blood God in a moment of pride and was left shattered and tormented.

As the most powerful melee combatant to ever grace the battlefields of Total War: WARHAMMER, Skarbrand has a host of unique abilities which improve his battle prowess. His twin axes, Slaughter & Carnage increase his damage output with every kill made, whilst Bellow of Endless Fury allows him to unleash a devastating fire-breath attack. Beyond these, he also has the ability Rage Embodied which causes his weak-minded foes to rampage, rendering them incapable of retreating from the slaughter he presides over.

As you can imagine, he epitomises the Khorne playstyle of get in, stay in, and win the fight through sheer carnage, bloodshed, and invulnerability. Highly resistant to magic, the longer they engage for, the stronger they get.

There were easily dozens of other announcements during the show, far too many to list here. The return of Chaos Gate, new VR and mobile games, trailers for most announced upcoming games, and much more. You can get a full run-down over on the Warhammer Community site, or watch the full livestream archive below.

Warhammer Skulls sale

The traditional Skulls sales are still on, and you can grab everything Warhammer, including base Total War games and all our DLC, at up to 75% off. See everything here, and browse the Total War specifics here. The Skulls sale also extends to the Xbox and Microsoft stores, if you’re so inclined.

Skulls for the Skull Throne!