Total War: WARHAMMER III – Introducing Vilitch the Curseling


August 2 2022

Hello Total War: WARHAMMER community! Today we’re revealing the third Legendary Lord joining the Champions of Chaos Lords pack—Vilitch the Curseling—coming to Total War: WARHAMMER III on August 23rd.

The malformed sorcerer-twin known as Vilitch the Curseling is a living manifestation of Tzeentch’s twisted delight in anarchy. The Great Sorcerer fused the frail runt with their warrior brother: granting Vilitch both baleful abilities and control of their autonomous sibling’s diabolic strength. Now, as they ruthlessly plot to further their own power, their enemies fear the disturbing creature known as the Twisted Twin!


The chaotic fusion of warrior and wizard makes Vilitch a force to be reckoned with upon the battlefields of The Old World, as they are both a formidable melee and spellcasting Lord of Tzeentch. Their passive ability, The Twisted Twin, increasingly raises their spell mastery, melee defence, and melee attack the longer they’re in close combat or casting spells.


  • Vassals gain increased barrier hit points and spread Tzeentch’s corruption
  • Has access to Changing of the Ways
  • Forces receive benefits for having high Winds of Magic
  • Converts a portion of own battle casualties into Souls
  • Has access to the Tzeentch teleport stance


  • Steal +15% of the experience earned by other Lords
  • Passive ability: The Twisted Twin
  • Teleport stance usage cost: -25% Winds of Magic (Lord’s Army)


We’ll be sharing an even more in-depth look at Vilitch in a Let’s Play video coming TOMORROW, so look for that over on the official Total War YouTube channel. Then, prepare yourself for more news about the final Legendary Lord joining the Champions of Chaos next week!