Total War: WARHAMMER III – Introducing Valkia the Bloody


CA Evangelos
August 9 2022

Hello Total War: WARHAMMER community! Today we’re revealing the final Legendary Lord joining the Champions of Chaos Lords pack—Valkia the Bloody—coming to Total War: WARHAMMER III on August 23rd.

Valkia the Bloody is the cruel and daemonic consort of Khorne: returned from the dead to further the work of her diabolic paramour. Once a fell queen of a great northern tribe, the Blood God reawakened her as a form more pleasing to himself. The followers of Khorne fight all the harder in her presence, for it is said His gaze always lingers around her.


The winged warrior-queen is one of the most skilled combatants in both the mortal and immortal realms—with melee stats to rival even those of Skarbrand. She has a range of powerful abilities, including Daemonshield, which grants invulnerability for a short period, Spear of Slaupnir which causes the ground to erupt in a straight line, and her Gaze of Khorne passive ability, which increases the base weapon damage, armour-piercing, and leadership of warriors in her area of influence.


  • Has access to Bloodletting
  • Campaign movement range: +20% after winning a battle (all characters)
  • Souls gained from sacrificing captives: +50%
  • Vassals gain Frenzy and spread Khorne’s corruption


  • Passive ability: The Gaze of Khorne
  • Campaign movement range +35% after enemy retreats from battle


Azazel, Festus, Vilitch, and Valkia join the battlefield in the Champions of Chaos DLC, coming alongside the release of Immortal Empires on August 23rd. Pre-orders are available now on all stores now—and you’ll even score a 10% discount if you pick them up before August 30th!


We’ll be sharing an even more in-depth look at Valkia in a Let’s Play video coming TOMORROW, so look for that over on the official Total War YouTube channel. Then, keep your eyes on our social channels for more news about Immortal Empires and the Champions of Chaos, both coming this August 23rd!