Immortal Empires Frequently Asked Questions


CA Evangelos
August 22 2022

Welcome to the FAQ for the Immortal Empires release (Update 2.0.0) for Total War: WARHAMMER III. Here, you’ll find a hefty amount of information and answers to important questions regarding the release of the new game mode.

If you experience technical issues, we recommend that you verify the integrity of your files to ensure they’ve all downloaded properly. If you continue to experience issues after that, our Support Team is always available to work with you one-on-one to figure out the problem.

For game issues, we recommend visiting one of our official spaces to post or contribute to a thread. We will be collecting reports and working fixes into our development schedule.

Thank you, as always, for your support; we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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What is Immortal Empires?

Immortal Empires is a new grand-scale campaign mode for Total War: WARHAMMER III available for free to owners of all three Total War: WARHAMMER titles. It combines the landmasses, Legendary Lords, war units, and more from the series into one colossal mode spread across the vast Warhammer World. It is the most complete and definitive Warhammer strategy experience ever conceived.

For more information, read about it here: An Introduction to Immortal Empires

When does the Immortal Empires Beta release?

Immortal Empires will release on the 23rd of August.

For more time zones: Time to the Total War: WARHAMMER III Immortal Empires Beta (redirects to

If I own all three games, does this mean I have access to all of the content/races/factions/etc. in Immortal Empires?

Owning the base games of all three Total War: WARHAMMER titles will only grant you access to the set selection of Races and Legendary Lords available in those given games. You will need to purchase the DLC for those games to access the respective races and factions in Immortal Empires.

For example, if you wish to play with the Vampire Coast or Tomb Kings, you will need to own their respective products.

How do I download and play Immortal Empires?

Immortal Empires will download automatically along with the release of Update 2.0 on August 23rd. No additional download or opt-in is required to play if you meet the requirements.

Will Immortal Empires have the same minimum and recommended system requirements?

Yes; Immortal Empires will have the same minimum and recommended specifications as Total War: WARHAMMER III.

How big is the download size?

The download size for Total War: WARHAMMER III and Immortal Empires has been reduced from 120GB to ~104GB.

Do I need to install all three games to play?

No; as long as the other games are in your library, you only need to have Total War: WARHAMMER III installed to access Immortal Empires.

Will Immortal Empires support cross ownership?

Immortal Empires will not support cross-platform ownership. Like previous Total War games, players should own all of the required content on a single store in order to access it in-game.

Will Immortal Empires support cross-play?

Yes, Immortal Empires will support cross play. Like Total War: WARHAMMER III, players can join and play with each other across the Microsoft, Steam, and Epic platforms.

Are the Realm of Chaos or Eye of the Vortex mechanics active in this?

No; Immortal Empires does not feature the Realm of Chaos (WARHAMMER III) or Eye of the Vortex (WARHAMMER II) campaign mechanics. It is a sandbox experience first and foremost, though each race will still have their own unique victory conditions for the campaign.

How many players does multiplayer support?

Like Total War: WARHAMMER III, Immortal Empires will support up to eight players in multiplayer campaign or battles.

Have the factions from the previous games been balanced against those from WARHAMMER III?

As Immortal Empires is launching in BETA, balancing is still work-in-progress.

However, we have made a concerted effort to ensure that Total War: WARHAMMER I and II factions are able to compete with their WARHAMMER III counterparts.

Norsca, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, and the Vampire Counts have received the largest updates so far. More information regarding them can be found on the Total War blog here: Total War: WARHAMMER III – Immortal Empires Race Updates

Will Immortal Empires be localised?

Yes, Immortal Empires has been localised in the same set of languages available to Total War: WARHAMMER III.

Will Immortal Empires be moddable?

With an all-new game mode, we know there’s a huge community ready to start implementing their own spin and style to what the game has to offer. Much like Total War: WARHAMMER III, players will be able to load mods that change how Immortal Empires plays. The final piece of the puzzle is the Total War Assembly Kit, which we will be releasing alongside a future update.

What’s new in Immortal Empires?

Immortal Empires has a range of new features and improvements ready to be experienced on August 23rd. These include; Be’Lakor as a playable Legendary Lord, an all-new ‘Sea Lanes’ mechanic to help circumnavigate the map, updated mechanics and playstyles for factions introduced in WARHAMMER I and II, fresh lore-inspired victory conditions for the campaign, new end-game scenarios, and much more.

For more information, please visit the Total War blog: An Introduction to Immortal Empires

Why are you releasing Immortal Empires as a Beta?

Immortal Empires is the most ambitious project we’ve ever attempted, combining the content of three massive games into one world-spanning mode. This means that it has also been one of the most technically challenging and there is still some work to do as we collect feedback, monitor the gameplay, and update it over time to address balance concerns and bugs. This is still the full Immortal Empires experience, but the beta tag helps us set expectations as we continue to make it the best it can be.

Visit the Immortal Empires introductory blog for more information: An Introduction to Immortal Empires