Total War: MEDIEVAL II Mobile – Update 1.3

Release Notes

CA Evangelos
June 9 2022

Patch 1.3 for Total War: MEDIEVAL II on mobile brings a number of oft-requested quality of life features along with stability improvements and general bug fixes to the game.

Next up: we turn our focus to the Kingdoms expansion, which we look forward to sharing more about later this year.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

— The Feral Interactive Team

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Update 1.3

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  • Implemented improvements to the End Turn speeds
  • Added screen rotation support for devices with a camera notch, allowing the user to turn their phone and play in either landscape orientation
  • When adjusting formations with two fingers, players can now lift one finger for easier control after triggering the action
  • Tapping with two fingers during battle now hides the UI
  • Adds the “process_rq” console command, which triggers the immediate completion of outstanding recruitment.
  • Defeated factions now unlock immediately without requiring a relaunch of the game
  • Added a new button to the Help & Support section of the Main Menu which links to a YouTube playlist of tutorial videos
  • Tapping a dead faction member on the Family Tree panel now reveals the details of their death
  • Added further instructions about Positioning Mode to the Battle of Hastings Tutorial
  • Tapping and holding on a non-player character/army now opens the Character Details panel
  • Unit upgrades are now displayed on the Recruitment panel
  • During battles, tapping a Unit Status Display now selects that unit


When contacting customer support from the Help & Support menu, the following files are now automatically attached to the email:

  • The last manual save
  • The two most recent autosaves
  • The player preferences file
  • The crash log (when available)

Other crash fixes implemented in today’s build:

  • Fixed a crash that occurs when double-tapping the screen after a rival faction initiates a battle
  • Fixed a handful of crashes that could occur when loading save games
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when moving units onto damaged walls during a battle
  • Fixed a handful of high-frequency crashes
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the Agents tab in the Faction Summary
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when playing as Portugal
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when minimising the game
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur when tapping your faction’s treasury balance
  • (Android only) Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Settlement Details screen
  • (iOS only) Fixed a crash that could occur when tapping the Campaign Map to close the console


  • Upscaled and improved the visual fidelity of portraits in a character’s retinue


  • The Building Browser no longer displays the restricted buildings of other settlement types
  • (iOS only) When contacting customer support via the crash report prompt, the latest save game is now automatically attached to the auto-generated email
  • Fixed an issue where ships could get trapped on land
  • Added visual feedback to indicate when the End Turn button has been pressed on the Campaign Map
  • Fixed an issue in settlements with a Racetrack where the Race Frequency counter would display incorrect details
  • When using a mouse and keyboard, double-click commands are now properly recognised
  • Fixed an issue where intelligence gathered on a non-player army would not always display when viewing that army
  • Fixed an issue where drawing a new path would fail to override a unit’s previous multi-turn path
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If you experience any issues after downloading the update, please take a moment to contact Feral support for additional troubleshooting steps and assistance.