Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Twisted & Twilight Update


Al Bickham
December 2 2020



Total War: WARHAMMER II – the Asrai Resurgent Update

This automatic update arrives alongside The Twisted & The Twilight Lords Pack, bringing with it many content revisions, balances, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

The most impactful suite of changes applies to the Wood Elves, who’ve received a comprehensive overhaul to the way they play and a willowy trunk-load of new mechanics and features to boot. We think these changes improve their gameplay no end, and you can read about them in detail below.

Also! Three other notable changes players have been asking for:

New Chaos invasion frontend setting!

You can now set the difficulty level of the Chaos invasion in Mortal Empires via a dropdown next to the difficulty settings on the campaign select screen. This determines the scale of the invasion.

Damage & value tracking for units!

When mousing over the kill-counter on a unit, the tooltip now provides two additional stats for tracking unit performance:

  • Damage Dealt tracks the raw damage dealt by the unit to other units
  • Damage Value tracks the rough value of the damage the unit has dealt. For example, if attacking a unit worth 1000 gold with 10,000 health, you will gain 500 value if you deal 5000 damage to it. This is intended to provide feedback on the performance of units that focus on taking out expensive and powerful targets.

Knockdown & bracing changes!

Characters are generally now much sturdier on their feet, where some notably sturdy characters (Ungrim! He can brace now too!) are now almost impossible to knock down.For more information see revamped entity collision rules & bracing behaviours for characters below

On with the show…

Wood Elves Update


The Wood Elf campaign has been completely overhauled, with almost every aspect of the faction changed in some way.

  • Amber is no longer required for recruitment or building, only for a specific subset of brand new technologies
  • Amber is no longer gained from occupying settlements. It is now a rare reward from performing special Rituals tied to Magical Forest settlements
  • Campaign progress is now tracked by a new system called Forest Health. Each Magical Forest has its own health level, which increases over time as the player defends the borders of the Forest
  • Wood Elves can teleport between Magical Forests and receive special narrative encounters that help shape their defence of the region
  • There are two new minor mechanics themed around Tree Spirits: Aspect unit upgrades, and Spite character traits
  • Technologies, buildings, skills, followers events and traits have all been updated.

New Regions

Every Wood Elf major settlement is now part of a Magical Forest. There are eight such forests in Mortal Empires, and four in the Eye of the Vortex Campaign. Alongside the four existing Magical Forests – Athel Loren, Gaean Vale, Heart of the Jungle and Laurelorn Forest – four new settlements have been added to Mortal Empires and two to Eye of the Vortex:

Mortal Empires:

  • Gryphon Wood
    • Mortal Empires only. This gloomy forest is found within the Empire, in Ostermark
  • Forest of Gloom
    • Mortal Empires only. This Forest-Goblin-infested region is found just to the West of Karaz-a-Karak
  • The Sacred Pools
    • Both campaigns. These shimmering pools are in central Lustria and are defended by blessed Lizardmen guardians
  • The Witchwood
    • Both campaigns. This isolated forest is located in the mountains of Naggarond.

New Mechanics: Forest Health and Rituals of Rebirth

Each of the Magical Forests has its own Forest Health.

  • The health of the Forest can be increased over time primarily by making sure its ancient Heathland border regions are kept secure and free of enemies, either by razing them, owning them, or ensuring they are held by allies
  • As a Forest’s health recovers, it will provide increasingly potent campaign bonuses. Each Forest provides its own set of effects
  • Athel Loren requires substantially more Health to heal than other Forests, but the rate can be improved by healing other Forests across the world.

Once enough Forest Health has been accumulated, a Ritual of Rebirth can be performed:

  • Shortly after starting the ritual, enemy armies – themed to each Forest – will appear and attempt to disrupt the Ritual
  • Unlike similar, previous invasions, the player will receive advanced warning about the location of any army spawns and can even send an army to interrupt and ambush the foe before they are ready.

Completing a Ritual of Rebirth grants the following rewards:

  • The Forest’s health can no longer be reduced
  • A special settlement-specific Landmark with a potent garrison and unique factionwide and regional effects is unlocked
  • A piece of Amber, which can be spent in the revamped technology tree
  • In Athel Loren, completing the Ritual of Rebirth will unlock the final battle and campaign victory.

New Mechanic: Deeproots Teleportation

Wood Elves can now instantly transport armies across the world via the Deeproots. This powerful ability comes with certain restrictions:

  • Armies must start within a specified Magical Forest, and can only teleport to other Magical Forests
  • This ability has a ten-turn cooldown that can be reduced over time by various effects.

New Mechanic: Forest Encounters

When playing as Wood Elves, special Forest Encounter markers will spawn near your Forests.

Sending an army to this marker will offer narrative choices that help shape the way your play your campaign, some of which will result in unique thematic battles.

Technology Tree

The Wood Elf technology tree has been substantially changed.

  • Most technologies have had their effects rebalanced
  • All technologies that previously cost Amber have had this cost removed
  • Several new, powerful technologies have been added, each costing a single point of Amber.

Buildings and Economy

To compensate for the increased number of settlements available to Wood Elves, the number of building slots available in each Wood Elf region has been reduced slightly. However, we have also overhauled the Wood Elf building tree. The changes are too many to list, but here is a summary:

Military Recruitment:

  • Military recruitment and garrison buildings have been consolidated, reducing the total number of buildings required to access the full roster.


  • Gold income has been spread across several buildings
  • Public order buildings are now easier to access
  • Wood Elf major settlement buildings no longer require Development Points to upgrade. Instead, Development Points – now called Kindreds – are used to build economic and infrastructure buildings.


  • Outposts remain largely intended as temporary, disposable settlements. However, their effects have been redesigned in order to reduce the incentive to build as many of them as possible. In addition, outposts should now have slightly larger and more varied garrisons depending on your building choices.

Aspects and Spites

Dryads, Tree Kin and Treemen in Durthu and Drycha’s factions will have access to Aspects. These are purchasable upgrades for units that alter its role by increasing certain stats at a cost of others. Each unit has access to three Aspects:

  • Willow, which increases base damage and defence at a cost of armour-piercing damage
  • Oak, which improves armour and charge defence at a cost of speed
  • Birch, which improves armour-piercing damage but reduces physical resistance.

Unlike Greenskin Scrap upgrades, units are not tied to a single Aspect. For a small amount of Gold they can switch between them, allowing them to adapt to the foe they currently face in campaign.

Ancient Treemen and Branchwraiths in all Wood Elf factions now draw from a separate pool of potential character traits to regular lords, called Spites. Each Spite offers a powerful campaign effect and battle ability.

The Wild Hunt

Orion’s offices have been re-themed entirely around the Wild Hunt, with new names and effects for each of them.

When a Hunt is called all characters in an Office will receive bonuses themed to their Office – including Orion himself – rather than just a single Lord.

The duration of the Hunt, as well as the time until the next Hunt, is now more clearly signposted.

Other Wood Elf Campaign Changes

  • Wood Elf factions have access to an improved version of Ambush Stance, which has a reduced movement point cost to enter and a reduced chance of being detected
  • Most Wood Elf-specific incidents and dilemmas have been updated with more interesting effects and have had their conditions altered to make them less predictable
  • Wood Elf-specific followers now come from a wider range of sources, reducing the chance of receiving multiple followers in the same battle
  • Wood Elves and Dark Elves have a reduced aversion towards each other
  • Durthu’s office effects have been improved and updated
  • Upgrading the Oak of Ages is no longer required to unlock confederation with other Wood Elves. Instead, it grants special confederation missions
  • Wood Elves no longer have any restrictions on trade
  • The original Defence of the Oak final battle has been rebalanced, with enemy army compositions made more interesting and dangerous.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when disbanding a garrisoned Lord while the lord is recruiting units
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into Cylostra’s The Bordeleaux Flabellum quest battle
  • Fixed several very rare script breaks that could cause some features not to work until the game was reloaded
  • Siege Panel scripted tour no longer softlocks if siege panel is dismissed before it starts
  • Save games requiring the Amethyst Wizard will now inform the user that they must install the character’s DLC to work
  • Fixed an issue where several units would T-pose on the campaign map
  • The Dwarf red line skill “Honoured by Grimnir” now properly applies to both base and armour-piercing damage
  • Mazdamundi has caught up on his to-do list and connected some missing province capitals to the Geomantic Web
  • Massif Orcal and Tor Yvresse are no longer able to support fully Wood Elf settlements with enormous garrisons
  • Removed several ancillary restrictions from Skaven specific followers & banners so more types of Skaven characters can equip them
  • Fixed missing sacrificial offerings icon when playing as Sotek
  • Adjusted the rules for what items can be stolen, destroyed or otherwise lost for a variety of items. It should now be much rarer to experience losing one-off or otherwise unique items. These items should now instead return to your item pool when the holding character dies
  • Red Crested Skink units were no longer buffed twice by some effects when playing as Tehenhauin
  • Goblin Fanatic Archers will now correctly receive campaign bonuses that are relevant to them
  • Reinforcements will now count for the Waaagh! bar total in battle
  • Fixed issues where mount icons where not appearing for a variety of different mount types in the campaign equipment events system. Examples include Doomwheels, Doom-Flayers, Engine of the Gods, Ripperdactyls
  • Recruitment panel will now close when opening unit upgrades and vice versa
  • Updated drop conditions for Norscan follower Ancillaries, enabling 11 ancillaries to now drop that previously only dropped in Total War: WARHAMMER 1
  • Various sources of immunity to bankruptcy have been removed
  • Assigning a skill point to a skill on a Hero will no longer sometimes switch to the army Lord’s details or skills
  • Fixed non-repeatable rituals in Tehenuain’s sacrifice panel showing as repeatable
  • Nakai no longer has duplicate occupation options at the Fortress Of The Damned
  • Generic Lizardmen characters can no longer generate with the unique name “Lord Xltep of Itza”
  • Repanse is no longer missing the top line skill “Lionhearted”
  • Repanse no longer has access to Louen’s unique Hippogryph Knight skill in her blue campaign line
  • The Tree Kin have duly been milked for their delicious sap
  • Fixed an issue preventing Tomb Kings from being able to upgrade Karaz-a-Karak from ruins to tier 1
  • Additional upkeep on supply lines tooltip will now show correct value
  • Added Snow, Chaos & Mountain campaign attrition immunity types to Chaos Horsemaster Unit
  • Tomb King technology “Pride in Service” now buffs Tomb Guard ROR unit
  • Tomb King technology “Underworld Gate” now correctly buffs Necrosphinx units rather than Warsphinx units
  • Swapped the Herald of Djaf and Rasetra unit effects bonuses around with each other to match descriptions within the Tomb Kings Dynasty (tech) panel
  • Single use rituals for the Dwarf Forge no longer show as repeatable
  • Single use rituals for the Mortuary Cult no longer show as repeatable
  • Malus’s final shipment icon will now update correctly
  • Transported army unit count will no longer slide to the left when changing the stance of an army in the Lord & Heroes dropdown menu
  • Stance icon has been removed for transported armies to prevent clipping in the Lords & Heroes dropdown menu
  • The “Big Fort” Landmark at Black Crag now also allows recruitment of Black Orc Big Boss characters and increases their capacity by 2
  • Control Large Army option will no longer disappear in the pre-battle screen if loaded with Lightning Strike enabled
  • Replacing Greenskins Legendary Lords with other Legendary Lords during a Waaagh! will no longer result in the player having access to several Waaagh! abilities
  • Snikch will now automatically equip the Whirl of Weeping Blades on mission completion
  • Malekith’s Mortals Empire victory conditions now correctly no longer reference Ulthuan in the owning of provinces section
  • Alastar the White Lion’s unique trait now properly reduces the upkeep of all Chracian units
  • Tyrion’s innate trait “Great Warrior” now correctly grants upkeep reduction to Rangers
  • Scrap upgrades will no longer show on unit cards of unrevealed units
  • Fixed issue with text/icon in event message for unlocking the rite “The Sudden Kill Scheme” with Sknitch and his Shadowy Dealings feature
  • The Greenskin red line skill “Da Big Ladz” now also applies to Da Swamp Fings and Da Big ‘Un
  • Eltharion’s “Break upon the walls” skill now correctly applies its armour benefit to Mistwalker units with shields
  • Removed outdated references to ‘Slann Mage-Priest Capacity’ from Hexoatl faction effects
  • Mazdamundi now receives the same benefits as other Second-Generation Slann
  • Can no longer retreat from the Warden & Paunch final battle
  • Fixed a bug where the army and settlement panels could appear in the post-battle screen of the host in multiplayer under certain conditions
  • Can no longer change technology research when it isn’t your turn in multiplayer campaign
  • You can no longer remove characters from offices when it is not your turn in multiplayer
  • You can now see the ambush stance icon of your co-op partner in multiplayer
  • No longer able to toggle other players AI control option in the pre-battle screen
  • Ambush battles in Old World mountain chokepoints will no longer use a Dark Elf-themed map
  • Armies can no longer clip into the mountains on Dread Rock island
  • Fixed missing unit card for Ghost Thane (Dwarf) when using the “Horn of the Ancestors” magical item in battle
  • The three rifts in Mazdamundi’s Ruination of Cities ability will no longer cast on top of each other
  • Fixed audio/text mismatch in Eltharion’s pre final battle movie
  • Fixed incorrect “Recruitment rank gained” effect text for the Blood Dragon tier 2 and 3 Bloodlines rituals to now correct show “Experience per turn”
  • Corrected two typos where the dragon “Ymwrath” in Imrik’s Dragon Taming feature was being called “Ymrath” in the game. It was LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE
  • Fixed a text spacing issue in spell browser target section
  • Fixed some unit names being cut off and having an ellipsis added to them in the recruit mercenary event summaries
  • Character skill names and descriptions will now be consistent when levelling up skills when playing in non-English languages
  • Elector Counts tooltip will no longer cut off in various languages


  • Fixed an issue where the kill counter would not attribute kills from the explosion components of bombardments to the caster
  • Fixed an issue where the kill counter would not attribute kills from damage over time effect applied via projectile contact to the attacker
  • Fixed an issue where projectile prediction was incorrect on slopes
  • Fixed missile damage displaying with red modifier in custom battle screen
  • Ancient Salamander moved from the “Monsters” category to the “Missile Monsters” category
  • Projectile tooltip will now list total missile damage and reload time rather than base missile damage and base reload time
  • In multiplayer lobbies, the Lord effects will now display when mousing over the star in the lord selection dropdown
  • Corrected Azhag’s faction symbol in the Quest Battle menu to now used the Bonerattlerz’s icon rather than the Greenskins
  • Fixed the custom battle uniform and portrait entry for Skink Priest of Heavens when mounted on an Ancient Stegadon (Engine of the Gods)
  • Fixed missing unit card and porthole for summoned Wight King character when overcasting Helman Ghorst’s Awaken Grave Ability
  • Vampire Coast fleet captains now count towards the ranged unit cap
  • Noctilus on Necrofex Collosus now counts towards the ranged unit cap
  • Rotting Promethean Gunnery Mob units now count towards the ranged unit cap
  • Deck Droppers now count towards the ranged unit cap (are you spotting a theme here?)
  • Arcane Phoenix RoR now counts towards the Arcane Phoenix cap
  • DJ Khatep on the Casket of Souls now counts towards the ranged unit cap
  • DJ Khatep on the Casket of Souls now counts towards the Casket of Souls cap
  • Ushabti (Great Bow) now count towards the ranged unit cap
  • Sepulchral Stalkers now count towards the ranged unit cap
  • High Beastmaster on Scourgerunner Chariot now counts towards the ranged unit and Scourgerunner Chariot caps
  • Razorgor herds no longer count towards the Razorgor chariot cap
  • Razorgor Chariots now count towards the Razorgor Chariot cap
  • Da Big ‘Un now counts towards the ranged unit cap
  • All Greenskin Troll units now have their own unit caps, instead of sharing one between them.
  • Marauder Horsemen now count towards the ranged unit cap
  • Grom the Paunch now counts towards the chariot cap
  • Volkmar The Grim no longer counts as a chariot when on his barded horse. Clerical mixup. The War Altar now counts as a chariot
  • Doomwheel and Doom-Flayer mounts now count towards their respective unit caps. (No more third wheels!)
  • Stegadon (Engine of the Gods) mounts now count towards the ranged unit cap


  • Re-ordered races alphabetically within the help pages to make it easier to find content and information
  • Fixed issue where the Black Orc Big Boss wasn’t appearing in the Game Guide
  • Master volume heading should now be translated correctly in localised languages
  • Oak of Ages: Roots Manuvad.

Campaign Changes

General changes

  • Clan Rictus now starts with an undercity beneath Crookback Mountain in Mortal Empires
  • The Clan Mors Headquarters building now also provides Chieftain Hero recruitment
  • When starting a campaign as Malagor, the Marshes of Madness region is given to the Top Knotz to prevent him taking attrition on turn 1
  • The High Elf ‘Hunters’ military recruitment chain has been merged with the ‘Handmaiden’s Gallery’:
    • An additional Tier 2 building has been added to the chain allowing for earlier recruitment of Great Eagles
    • Alarielle retains a separate, tier 3 building for recruitment of Sisters of Avelorn
    • NOTE: this will cause some previously-constructed buildings to appear incorrectly in older saves. These can be safely demolished.
  • Public Order now provides bonuues and penalties per threshold for all factions
  • Growth needed per point has been increased slightly
  • Added display for economic modifiers in building effects
  • Malus sanity effect tweaks
  • Mazdamundi now gets all the benefits of being a Second-Generation Slann (community Request)
  • New buffs for Helman Ghorst
  • A Patch Notes button is now present in the game’s frontend menu for quick access.


  • Artillery does not suffer from “echo” fire anymore, where artillery shooting at enemy ranged units would always allow those range units to shoot back no matter the distance
  • Disabled another part of the system to apply unit losses


  • Less likely to react to public order problems in an extreme fashion
  • Updated Wood Elf AI to deal with new content and changes
  • AI Lords get a bonus on experience gained
  • Diplomatic events will now affect the AI more if they generally like or dislike the other race
  • No planned recolonization of recently razed settlements (AI might still recolonize opportunistically) for a certain duration
  • Further reduced AI’s priority to capture regions of unsuitable climate
  • Reduced cultural aversion between Dark Elves and Wood Elves
  • Several minor AI recruitment adjustments.


  • Behaviour of the Lords and Heroes list has changed:
    • A single click will now select the character without panning to them
    • Double-clicking will select and pan to them (the old behaviour).

New Feature: Settlement Abandonment

  • It is now possible for the player to abandon settlements that they own via a new button that can be found by mousing over the settlement’s main building chain.
  • Settlements marked for abandonment will be razed at the start of the player’s next turn. The player can choose to cancel the abandonment before this happens.

Faction and Lord effects

Helman Ghorst

Faction effects

  • Removed +13 charge bonus for Corpse Cart units
  • Added bound spell “Lesser Raise Dead” for corpse cart and mortis engine units.

Lord effect

  • Added +15 armour for zombie units (Lord’s army)

Archaon the Everchosen

Faction effects

  • Removed +10 leadership for chaos warrior units
  • Added +3% weapon and missile strength per veterancy rank for all units.

Prince Sigvald The Magnificent (the salacious, scandalous and sensational servant of Slaanesh, Son of Succubi, scion of sordid acts and slayer of squalid serfs)

Faction effects

  • Removed +15 armour for embedded characters
  • Added Rage Passive for all marauder units, upgrades to Berserk when rank7+.

Lord effects

  • Removed +3 recruit rank for marauder units
  • Added Strider for all units.

Ungrim Ironfist

Lord effect

  • Now grants +5 melee attack to slayers, down from +10.
  • Ungrim’s “Journey’s end” ability for slayers now disables at 75% hitpoints remaining instead of 50%.

Tretch Craventail

Faction effect

  • added +3 recruit rank for stormvermin units
  • added Encourage for stormvermin units
  • added improved scurry away, ward save and improved speed benefits.


Faction effect

  • Removed redundant reference to Slann Mage-Priest capacity

Lord effect

  • Now gains all the bonuses of a generic 2nd generation Slann in addition to previous effects


  • Kroq-Gar’s Spear of Tlanxla now also grants the “Discouraged” cotact effect


Vampire Counts

  • The Lord skill “dark pact” now grants +5 leadership (when attacking) down from +15


  • Ungrim’s skill “Slayer King” now grants +5 melee attack to slayers, down from +10


  • Kroq-Gar’s skill “Spawning of Xhotl” now also grants the ability “Sacred Spawning of Xhotl”

Wood Elves

  • All Wood Elf Lords have had their blue line reworked to be more in line with existing WH2 skill trees
  • Orion now has a new unique skill line
  • Durthu now has a new unique skill line


  • Sigvald the Magnificent’s skill “Unworthy” now additionally grants fear, alongside the original terror
  • Sigvald the Magnificent’s skill “Marked by Slaanesh” now grants charmed attacks and +5 leadership aura effect, from +9 leadership


  • The Empire “Improved Heavy Weapons” technology now additionally grants expert charge defence for Halberdier units

Battles Changes

Quality of life

Damage and value tracking for units

When mousing over the kill counter on a unit, the tooltip now provides two additional stats for tracking unit performance.

“Damage Dealt” tracks the raw damage dealt by the unit to other units.

“Damage Value” tracks the rough value of the damage the unit has dealt. For example, if attacking a unit worth 1000 gold with 10,000 health, you will gain 500 value if you deal 5000 damage to it.
This is intended to provide feedback on the performance of units that focus on taking out expensive and powerful targets.

Projectile vegetation grace periods

Projectiles now have the ability to pass through trees for a limited time after being created. This is a global rule that applies to all non-artillery units. This behaviour lasts for a limited duration after the projectile is fired, relative to the speed of the projectile. Significantly reducing instances of units firing weapons into trees that are a few feet from them.

Who can hide in the forest?

We took a look at which units can hide in the forest recently, as there were several inconsistencies to how this attribute was being distributed. We’ve now generated some criteria that units must abide by if they should have any hope of hiding in the forests of the Warhammer World:

  • Infantry and Cavalry have always been able to hide in the forest, so no changes there
  • Chariots can now hide in forests, whereas they couldn’t previously. We felt that since cavalry could hide, this felt like an arbitrary inconsistency, so now all Chariots can hide
    • This affects all single and multi-entity chariots, including Corpse Carts, War Wagons and Snotling Pump Wagons
  • Monstrous Infantry were a web of inconsistencies. Kroxigors and Skinwolves could hide in the forest, whilst Trolls and Fimir could not. This inconsistency has been fixed, so now all ground-based multiple-entity Monstrous Infantry can hide in forests
    • This change benefits the following units: All Troll Units, Dragon Ogres (not Shaggoths though, nosiree), Animated Hulks, Chaos Spawn, Crypt Horrors and Fimir Warriors
  • Large monsters cannot Hide in Forest as they are absolute chonkers. However some of the shorter monsters can still Hide in Forest (example: Brood Horror, Ancient Salamander)
    • Additionally, units that look like trees can also Hide in Forest
  • Flying Units cannot hide in the Forest, because they fly over the Forest, thus they were never in the Forest to begin with
  • War Machines are generally large and loud, so they cannot hide in the forest… much to Ikit Claw’s dismay
  • Artillery pieces are cumbersome, so they also cannot hide in forests
    • Bolt Throwers on the other hand, are comparatively small and light for Artillery pieces, so they can hide in forests
    • The Casket of Souls can no longer hide in forests. No matter how much Nehekharan magic the Tomb Kings have, they can’t cover up the fact that this unit is a literal vortex of screaming souls, trying to burst out of a casket, that’s rumbling along on a bed of skulls. Not so sneaky.


  • The morale benefit granted by the “encourage” attribute has been normalized to +4 leadership for both characters and units. Previously units with encourage granted +8 leadership baseline and characters (Heroes and lords) granted +3
  • Improved Halt behaviour on units. Halted units will more reliably fight back if engaged in melee.

Revamped entity collision rules

Previously, every collision interaction result (knockback, knockdown and so on) was checked every game tick between every entity. Following a review, we have now added a 2 second grace period between these checks between specific entities. Previously, stats such as Knock Ignore Chance were notably less effective than they were intended to be. The reason for this is that an entity pushing over another might actually be causing 10 checks a second against this, and the unit only has to fail one to go flying. Additionally, this caused a general overperformance of larger entities since they effectively multiplied their chance to knock things they ran into by trying-it-til-it-works. Under the new system, any collision that results in a knock reaction is first rolled against by the knock ignore chance; if the entity makes or fails this check, they are now immune to further knock reactions FROM THAT SPECIFIC OTHER ENTITY for 2 seconds. This ONLY happens if the interaction results in a knock reaction (incidental entity vs entity brushing does not consume your opportunity for a knock).

What does this mean in practical terms?

  • Characters are generally much sturdier on their feet, some notably sturdy characters (Ungrim! He can brace now too!) are almost impossible to knock down
  • All units should generally be a little bit sturdier, though units that were always going to be knocked down due to sheer mass and speed differences will be unaffected
  • It should be harder on average to pull through units attempting to pin you in place, as you no longer get 10 attempts per second to knock down entities you’re walking through.

Bracing behaviour for characters

Following the discussions around why bracing cannot be performed by the majority of units, we’ve moved to a system where we tag which units can brace manually. This replaces the previous system where bracing was based on a series of logical tests with the unit. We now manually tag who should be able to brace. Under the previous system only multi-entity infantry and monstrous infantry could brace, but that has now expanded to infantry and monstrous infantry single-entity characters. Additionally, any charge defence attribute now also enables bracing for the unit.

To clarify: characters which are engaged in melee and facing their targets retain their braced status while fighting. This allows them to be far more resistant to knockdowns while actively facing off against bigger creatures or other characters. This is not a new behaviour, but is notably apparent for single entities compared to multi entity units.

And yes, Ungrim does now finally beat that arch nemesis of his. (Ungrim 1 – Feral Stegadon 57213)


Wood Elves

  • Can now use jump attacks when charging or surrounded
  • Can now throw javelins while on the move

Spells and Abilities

  • Removed minimum cast range for all Vortex, Explosion, Wind, Breath, and Summon spells and abilities, also removed minimum cast range of Net of Amyntok


With the release of the Twisted & the Twilight, we’ve introduced a host of changes which impact on the fantastic work of our modding community. As such, we wanted to give a big shoutout to following modders for the sterling service they’ve provided players over the years:

  • Mixu, FenrisWolf and a host of others for their work on Wood Elf units, heroes and mechanics
  • All those who’ve worked on Chaos invasion tweaks, in particular Crynsos with his Chaos Invasion Choice mod
  • Much respect also to Sm0kin, for the Abandon Region mod, which has been a staple download for many players over the years
  • And finally, a lusty Huzzah to those who tweaked the Silverin Guards headwear, including The Unknown Chronicler, Ourg and Taste of Capitalism.

We’re sorry we couldn’t get every name into what is already a lengthy set of patch notes, but we’re looking forward to seeing how the modding community tinkers with the new toys in the latest DLC and update!

Simplified Chinese

Total War: WARHAMMER II – Asrai Resurgent更新

此项自动更新会随《The Twisted & The Twilight》领主包一同实装,为玩家们带来大量的内容重置、平衡性调整、BUG修正以及游戏性升级








  • 造成伤害:此部队对其他部队造成的伤害总额
  • 伤害价格:此部队造成的伤害折算成的粗略价格。例如,当你攻击一支价格1000黄金,拥有10000点生命值的部队时,如果你对其造成了5000点伤害,那么这项数值就是500点。 这项机制可以有效地协助你评估那些专门对付昂贵强大目标的部队的表现情况







  • 琥珀已不再是招募部队与营建建筑的必需品了,而是会花费在一些特定的新科技上
  • 琥珀不再会通过占领城镇获取。现在它成为了一项通过执行与魔法森林城镇相关仪式才能获取的稀有资源
  • 战役机制的核心变为了一项叫做森林生命的全新系统。每座魔法森林都拥有自己的生命等级,当玩家守卫森林的边境时,这项数值会逐渐提升
  • 木精灵可以在魔法森林间传送,并开启有助于强化地区防御能力的剧情任务
  • 森林精魂部队现在拥有两项全新的机制:化身升级,以及怨毒特性
  • 科技、建筑、技能、亲随事件与特性全部更新




  • 狮鹫林
    • 仅存在于凡世帝国。这处阴暗的森林位于帝国境内奥斯特马克行省中
  • 幽暗林
    • 仅存在于凡世帝国。这片森林地精滋生的地区位于卡拉扎-阿-卡拉克的西方
  • 神圣水池
    • 两战役均存在。这片波光粼粼的池塘位于露丝契亚中央,由神佑蜥蜴人卫兵把守
  • 巫女林
    • 两战役均存在。这片孤独的丛林位于纳迦隆德的群山中



  • 如果森林附属的远古石楠地并不位于敌方掌控之下,那么森林生命会逐渐获得提升。为此你需要毁灭或占领这些石楠地,或者确保它们位于盟友的麾下
  • 随着森林生命的恢复,它为你提供的战役加成效果也会逐渐增强。每座森林所提供的效果都会各不相同
  • 治愈艾索洛伦所需的生命值要明显高于其它森林,但治愈世上的其他森林也会提升艾索洛伦的生命值恢复速度


  • 在仪式启动后不久,敌军便会现身并试图打断这一仪式(各森林的敌军种类会各不相同)
  • 与此前游戏中的类似入侵不同,玩家会提前收到入侵警告,它会指示敌军出现的地点,甚至允许玩家抢在敌军集结完毕前派出军队打断并伏击敌人


  • 森林生命将不再降低
  • 解锁一处城镇特有的地标建筑,它可以提供强大的驻军以及特有的派系范围与本地加成效果
  • 一块琥珀,可以用来解锁重置后的新增科技
  • 完成艾索洛伦的重生仪式会解锁终局会战,令玩家最终赢得战役的胜利



  • 军队的初始位置必须位于特定的魔法森林内,并且只能传送到另一处魔法森林
  • 此技能拥有十个回合的冷却时间,可经过特定效果缩减






  • 大部分科技效果经过了重新平衡
  • 此前所有需要耗费琥珀的科技也不再需要此项成本
  • 添加了许多强大的新科技,这些科技都需要耗费一点琥珀




  • 军事招募与驻防建筑已被完全合并,从而减少了建筑列表中的建筑总数


  • 金钱收入现在分散到了多种建筑中
  • 公共秩序序列建筑的建造条件得到了放宽
  • 木精灵主要城镇建筑不再需要发展点数。相反,发展点数(现在它叫做族群)现在会用于建造经济与基础建筑


  • 哨站仍会作为可弃置的临时性城镇使用。然而哨站的效果已被重新设计,以便降低玩家尽可能多建设哨站的需要。此外,根据玩家所选择的建筑,哨站的驻军规模会得到适度扩充,多样性也会随之增加



  • 柳树:增加基础杀伤与防御力,降低破甲杀伤
  • 橡树:增加护甲与冲锋抗性,降低移动速度
  • 桦树:增加破甲杀伤,降低物理抗性








  • 木精灵派系可以进入改良版的伏击状态,其移动力成本与暴露概率都有所下降
  • 大部分的木精灵专有事件与抉择都已更新,它们将获得更为有趣的效果,其开启条件也受到了变更,从而令其更为难以预测
  • 木精灵专属亲随现在有了更为广泛的来源,从而降低了在同一场战斗中收到多个亲随的可能
  • 木精灵与黑暗精灵的种族厌恶有所缓解
  • 杜尔苏的公职效果获得了提升
  • 升级时代橡树不再需要解锁与其它木精灵派系的合邦了。相反,现在它会开启特殊合邦任务
  • 木精灵不再受到任何贸易限制
  • 初始的守卫时代橡树终局会战已重新平衡,现在敌军的组成会变得更为有趣,也更为危险



  • 修复了当驻防领主处于招募部队状态时,将其撤编发生的崩溃错误
  • 修复了载入塞洛斯塔的波尔德罗团扇任务战斗时,可能发生的崩溃错误
  • 修复了重启游戏前部分功能无法正常使用的罕见脚本错误
  • 若在分步教学开始之前关闭攻城界面,则该教学不会再进行软锁定
  • 需要紫晶法师的存档现在会提示玩家必须安装该人物的可下载内容
  • 修复了部分部队会在战略地图上摆『T』字的问题
  • 矮人红线技能『葛林姆尼尔的尊重』已可对基础杀伤及破甲杀伤同时起效
  • 马兹达穆迪已经追上了进度,把部分缺失的行省首府接入灵脉巨网
  • 木精灵无法再于奥卡山与塔尔伊瑞斯建立拥有大量驻军的完整城镇序列
  • 移除了斯卡文部分亲随与战旗的装备限制,从而使更多的斯卡文人物能够进行装备
  • 修复了以索提戈进行游玩时,献祭祭品图标缺失的问题
  • 调整了一系列物品能否被偷窃、摧毁或是丢失的规则。现在,失去一次性物品或精绝物品的概率将大大减小。当持有人死去后,这些物品将回到玩家的物品库中
  • 以特亨霍因进行游玩时,部分增益不会再对红冠灵蜥产生双倍效果
  • 夜地精弓箭手(狂热者)现可正常获得与他们有关的战役加成
  • 战斗中的增援现已计入Waaagh!读条
  • 修复了在战役装备事件系统中,部分种类的坐骑图标无法显示的问题,如毁灭巨轮、毁灭剥皮机、诸神引擎、喙嘴龙等
  • 开启部队升级界面时将关闭招募界面,反之亦然
  • 更新了诺斯卡亲随的掉落条件,加入了11件先前只能在《Total War: WARHAMMER 1》中掉落的亲随
  • 排除了数种造成破产无效的原因
  • 为英雄分配技能点时,不会再偶尔跳到军队领主的详情或技能界面上
  • 修复了特亨霍因的献祭界面上,不可重复的仪式显示为可重复的问题
  • 纳卡伊在亵渎要塞不会再遇到重复的占领选项
  • 普通蜥蜴人人物不会再分配到『伊塔扎的柯西特普领主』这一特有姓名
  • 赫潘丝的顶线技能『铁石心肠』不再缺失
  • 赫潘丝在蓝线战役技能中无法再点出劳恩特有的马鹫骑士技能
  • 树精建模上现在榨取出了一些美味的汁液
  • 修复了古墓王无法将卡拉扎-阿-卡拉克从废墟升到1级的问题
  • 补给线额外维持费提示现已显示正确的数值
  • 为掠夺者精英骑手部队增加了霜原、混沌及山区损耗
  • 古墓王科技『尽忠之耀』现可对精英古墓守卫部队(Regiments of Renown包)起效
  • 古墓王科技『地下世界大门』已修复为对死灵斯芬克斯生效,而非征战斯芬克斯
  • 交换了狄迦夫军锋与阿斯崔部队的增益效果,使其与王朝科技界面中的描述一致
  • 矮人铸造界面中的一次性仪式不再显示为可重复进行
  • 葬仪祭团界面中的一次性仪式不再显示为可重复进行
  • 马鲁斯最后一批货物的图标现可正常更新
  • 在领主与英雄下拉菜单中改变海上军队的行军状态时,部队的规模不会再滑动到左侧
  • 移除了领主与英雄下拉菜单中海上军队的行军状态图标,防止误点
  • 黑岩堡的『大型堡垒』地标现可征募黑兽人首领,并增加2名黑兽人首领招募容量
  • 当载入开启闪击战的存档时,战前界面上的控制大规模军队选项不会再消失
  • 在Waaagh!开启期间,将绿皮传奇领主替换为其他传奇领主将不会导致玩家同时拥有多个Waaagh!技能
  • 当任务完成时,斯尼奇会自动装备回旋泣泪剑
  • 修复了马雷基斯的凡世帝国胜利条件中,控制行省部分误写为奥苏安的问题
  • 『白狮』阿拉斯塔的特性现可正常减少所有查瑞斯部队的维持费
  • 泰瑞昂的初始特性『勇猛战士』现可正常减少游侠部队的维持费
  • 无关部队界面上不会再显示废料升级图标
  • 修复了使用斯尼奇与暗影交易机制解锁『猝然杀戮计划』祭礼时,事件信息文本与图标有误的问题
  • 绿皮红线技能『大小子』如今可对沼泽大只怪与大哥大起效
  • 艾萨里昂的『撞破城墙』技能现可正常为持盾迷雾行者部队的护甲提供增益
  • 移除了赫斯欧塔派系效果中过时的『史兰魔祭司招募容量』描述
  • 马兹达穆迪现可享受与其他第二世代史兰同样的加成
  • 不可再于《The Warden & The Paunch》终局会战中撤退
  • 修复在某些情况下,多人游戏主机会在战前界面显示军队与城镇界面的问题
  • 在多人游戏战役中,无法再于非己方回合变更研究的科技
  • 在多人游戏中,无法再于非己方回合解除人物公职
  • 在多人游戏中,合作方的伏击状态图标现已对己方可见
  • 在战前界面中,无法再勾选其他玩家的电脑控制选项
  • 发生在旧世界山隘的伏击战不会再使用黑暗精灵主题的地图
  • 军队现在无法进入恐惧岩岛的群山中
  • 修复了先祖英雄(矮人)在战斗中使用『先祖号角』魔法物品时,兵牌消失的问题
  • 马兹达穆迪释放灭绝诸城技能时,三条裂隙不会再相互重叠
  • 修复了艾萨里昂终局会战前的影片中音画不符的问题
  • 修复了血龙家族的血裔等级2和等级3的仪式描述中,错将『每回合获取经验』写作『新募部队等级』的问题
  • 修正了伊姆瑞克的驯服巨龙机制中,误将『Ymwrath』写作『Ymrath』的两处问题。这是无法容忍的错误
  • 修正了在法术浏览器选择目标时出现的文本间距问题
  • 修正了在招募佣兵事件消息中,部分部队名称显示不全且后面添加了句号的问题
  • 当以英语之外的其他语言进行游玩时,人物技能名称与描述将在升级后保持一致
  • 修正了部分语言版本中的选帝侯提示框被莫名切断的问题


  • 修复了使用爆炸类技能时,取得的击杀无法正常计入总数的问题
  • 修复了攻击者通过远程攻击施加持续性伤害后,取得的击杀无法正常计入总数的问题
  • 修复了处在斜坡上时,无法正确预测远程攻击轨迹的问题
  • 修复了自定义战斗界面中,远程杀伤显示有红条的问题
  • 远古火蜥蜴从『怪兽与野兽』分类移至『远程怪兽与野兽』
  • 远程杀伤提示框将列明总杀伤与装弹时间,而非基础远程杀伤与基础装弹时间
  • 在多人游戏大厅中,在将鼠标移至选择领主下拉菜单上的星星时,将显示领主的效果
  • 修复了神器任务战斗菜单中阿兹汗的派系图标,应为响骨而非绿皮
  • 修复了自定义战斗中,灵蜥祭司(天堂系)骑乘远古三角龙(诸神引擎)时的造型与头像
  • 修复了赫尔曼苟斯特使用掘墓还魂术技能召唤出尸妖王时,其兵牌与头像丢失的问题
  • 吸血鬼海岸舰队司令现已计入远程部队容量
  • 乘坐死灵巨像的诺克特拉斯现已计入远程部队容量
  • 腐化魔蟹射手部队现已计入远程部队容量
  • 跳帮队现已计入远程部队容量(明白这些改动的意图了吗?)
  • 精英奥术凤凰(Regiments of Renown包)现已计入奥术凤凰部队容量
  • 乘坐魂棺的DJ卡特普(译注:国外锤战圈的一个梗,因其在魂棺上像个调音台前面的DJ还自带光效和电音而得名)现已计入远程部队容量
  • 乘坐魂棺的DJ卡特普现已计入魂棺部队容量
  • 乌沙比特(巨弓)现已计入远程部队容量
  • 幽冥行者现已计入远程部队容量
  • 乘坐灾行者战车高阶驯兽师现已计入远程部队与灾行者战车部队容量
  • 剃刀兽群不再计入剃刀兽战车部队容量
  • 剃刀兽战车现已计入剃刀兽战车部队容量
  • 大哥大现已计入远程部队容量
  • 所有绿皮巨魔部队现已分别添加单独的部队容量,而非共享同一个容量
  • 掠夺者骑手现已计入远程部队容量
  • 『大肚王』咕噜现已计入战车部队容量
  • 『无情者』沃克玛在乘坐战马时不再算作战车。此为书写错误。战争祭坛现已算作战车
  • 毁灭巨轮与毁灭剥皮机坐骑现已分别计入单独的部队容量(别想再开三轮车了!)
  • 远古三角龙(诸神引擎)坐骑现已计入远程部队容量


  • 以字母表顺序重新排列了帮助页面的种族,使得寻找信息与内容更加便捷
  • 修复了游戏指南中未出现黑兽人首领的问题
  • 菜单中的主音量条目现已正确翻译



  • 咧嘴氏族现已于驼背山拥有起始地下城(仅凡世帝国)
  • 摩斯氏族总部建筑现可招募氏族长英雄
  • 以马拉戈开始战役时,疯狂沼泽地区现属于顶髻,以免他在第1回合遭受损耗
  • 高等精灵的『猎手』军事招募序列已与『侍女回廊』合并:
    • 为该序列加入了新的2级建筑,以便更早地招募巨鹰
    • 艾拉瑞丽保留着单独的3级建筑,用以招募阿瓦隆姐妹
    • 请注意:该改动可能导致先前在旧存档中建造的建筑显示错误。不过,仍可以安全地将其拆除
  • 公共秩序建筑现在会在每一阈值为所有派系提供加成与惩罚
  • 每一点数需要的发展度现已略微增加
  • 在建筑效果中增加经济变更的显示
  • 调整马鲁斯的理智效果
  • 马兹达穆迪现在获得第二代史兰的所有加成效果(这是社区的要求)
  • 赫尔曼苟斯特获得新加成效果
  • 游戏先置菜单中添加补丁信息按键,方便玩家快速检索


  • 炮兵不再受到『回声』火力的影响,在这种情况下,无论距离多远,这些远程部队都会对敌方远程部队进行还击
  • 禁用此系统的另一部分,以应用部队损失


  • 降低其对公共秩序问题采取极端倾向的概率
  • 更新木精灵AI,以适应新的内容与变动
  • AI领主的经验获取获得加成
  • 如果AI派系欣赏或者不欣赏其它种族,那么外交事件将更显著地影响AI派系
  • 当毁灭城镇后,AI会在一段时间内不重新殖民这座城镇(此后仍有可能殖民)
  • 进一步降低AI占领气候不适宜地区的概率
  • 降低黑暗精灵与木精灵的种族厌恶
  • 调整了一些次级AI的招募行为


  • 下列领主与英雄行为已更改:
    • 现在只需单击便可选中人物,但不会将视角移动过去
    • 双击可选中人物,并将视角平移过去


  • 当光标移动至城镇中的主要城镇序列建筑上时,游戏会弹出放弃城镇按键。点击此按键便可放弃这座城镇
  • 标记为放弃的城镇会在玩家下回合开始时夷为平地。玩家可以在这项行动执行前将其取消




  • 移除运尸车部队+13冲锋加成
  • 为运尸车与幽冥引擎部队添加绑定法术『弱化驱役亡灵』


  • 僵尸部队(领主军队)+15护甲



  • 移除混沌勇士部队+10领导力
  • 部队每升一级,则武器与远程威力+3%



  • 移除随军人物+15部队护甲
  • 为所有掠夺者部队添加『狂怒』被动技能,7级以上则升级为『狂暴』


  • 移除新募掠夺者部队等级+3
  • 所有部队获得地形适性



  • 屠夫部队的近战攻击由+10调整至+5
  • 阿格里姆的屠夫的『征途终点』技能现在阈值由50%生命值调整至75%



  • 新募暴风鼠部队等级+3
  • 为暴风鼠部队解锁激励友军技能
  • 抱头鼠窜、特殊保护与移动速度效果得到加成



  • 移除对史兰魔祭司招募容量的冗余描述


  • 现在除了已有加成效果外,还会获得第二世代史兰的所有加成效果


  • 库迦的塔兰克斯拉战矛现在获得丧胆效果



  • 领主技能『黑暗契约』现在于进攻时的领导力加成由+15调整至+5


  • 阿格里姆的技能『屠夫王』对屠夫部队的近战攻击由+10调整至+5


  • 库迦的技能『阿斯霍托子孙』现在也会赋予技能『阿斯霍托圣种』


  • 所有木精灵领主的蓝线技能全部重置,以适应已有的WH2技能树
  • 奥莱恩现在拥有全新的特有技能线
  • 杜尔苏现在拥有全新的特有技能线


  • 『美人』西格瓦尔德的技能『毫无价值』现在会在惊骇敌军效果上额外赋予引发恐惧效果
  • 『美人』西格瓦尔德的技能『色孽印记』现在带有迷诱攻击效果,其领导力光环效果由+9调整至+5


  • 帝国科技『改良重武器』现在会额外为长戟兵部队解锁抵御冲锋技能











  • 步兵与骑兵可以很自然地藏在森林里,因此他们无需调整
  • 战车先前无法隐藏,但现在他们可以隐藏在森林里了。我们认为,既然骑兵可以隐藏,那么战车无法隐藏似乎就很没有道理了
    • 此项调整会影响所有单体或多兵模战车,包括运尸车、战争车垒与鼻涕精泵车等
  • 怪兽步兵此前堪称五花八门:巨蜥与人皮狼部队可以在森林里隐蔽,而巨魔与沼栖妖就不行。这种不一致现在得到了修正,因此现在所有的多兵模陆军怪兽步兵都可以在森林里隐蔽了
    • 这项变动会强化下列部队:所有巨魔部队、龙魔(不包括上古龙魔,真遗憾)、巨物行尸、混沌之卵、墓穴恶鬼与沼栖妖战士
  • 大型怪兽无法于森林中隐蔽,因为他们实在太显眼了。然而,一些体型较小的怪兽仍然可以在林地中隐藏(例如巢穴惧鼠、远古火蜥蜴等)
    • 此外,长得像树的部队也可以于树林中隐藏
  • 飞行部队无法隐藏,因为他们是在林地上空飞行,因此他们绝无法藏在林地里
  • 战争机器通常又大又吵,因此他们无法在树林中隐藏…伊克特利爪应该会很不爽
  • 炮兵部队也都是大块头,所以也没法隐藏
    • 然而,弩炮相对较小较轻,因此他们是可以隐藏的
    • 魂棺不再能够于森林中隐藏。无论古墓王会多少尼赫喀拉系法术,他们都不能否认这样一个事实:这玩意里面装满了尖叫的灵魂,这些灵魂无不渴望着冲出棺材,把这骷髅床上的棺材撞得砰砰作响。嗯,这可藏不住啊…


  • 激励友军属性的领导力加成效果调整为每位人物与部队+4。先前拥有激励友军的部队为+8,人物(英雄与领主)为+3
  • 为部队添加停止命令。陷入近战时,停止的部队会更有效地进行反击




  • 现在步行的人物会普遍变得更为坚韧,其中一些本就以坚韧而著称的人物(阿格里姆!他现在是真的屹立不倒!)现在已几乎不可能被撞倒
  • 所有部队现在都会变得更为坚毅,但那些会因为质量与速度差异而被撞倒的部队还是会被撞倒
  • 现在想要穿越那些试图把你钉在原地的部队会更为困难,因为你再也不会有每秒10次的机会来击倒你所穿越的部队了






  • 现在冲锋或被包围时可以进行跳劈了
  • 现在可以在移动时投掷标枪


  • 移除所有漩涡、爆炸、暴风、吹息与召唤法术或技能,以及阿明托克之网的最小施法距离


在本次的《The Twisted & The Twilight》中,我们对游戏进行了大量的改动,这对我们模组社区的优秀作品们产生了冲击。因此,我们希望在此对以下作者们表示由衷的感谢,感谢你们多年以来对玩家们的辛勤付出:

  • Mixu、FenrisWolf 以及大量其他作者,感谢你们创作的木精灵部队、英雄与机制
  • 所有对混沌入侵机制进行修正的作者,特别是发布《Chaos Invasion Choice》模组的Crynsos
  • 同样鸣谢《Abandon Region》模组的作者Sm0kin,数年间有大量的玩家下载了这一模组
  • 最后,我们诚挚地感谢《Silverin Guards》的作者们,其中包括The Unknown ChroniclerOurg以及Taste of Capitalism


Traditional Chinese

Total War: WARHAMMER II》:「阿斯萊復甦」更新

這項自動更新會和The Twisted & The Twilight領主擴展包同步推出,裡頭包含了許多內容調整、平衡更新、錯誤修正以及便利性改善。








  • 「造成的傷害」會追蹤該單位對其他單位造成傷害的原始數值。
  • 「傷害值」會追蹤該單位造成傷害的約略價值。例如,如果攻擊一個10,000生命值、價值1000黃金的單位,假設您對其造成5000傷害,將獲得500的價值。此舉是為了給那些消滅昂貴強大目標表現優異的單位一點回饋。







  • 招募或建築不再需要琥珀,只有全新科技的特定子系列需要
  • 不再透過佔領城鎮來獲得琥珀。現在琥珀是舉行魔法森林城鎮專屬特殊儀式的稀有獎勵
  • 現在戰役進度的追蹤方式改成名為「森林健康度」的新系統。每座魔法森林都有各自的健康度,會隨玩家防禦森林邊界而逐漸提升
  • 木精靈可以在魔法森林之間傳送往返,並獲得有助於防守地區的特殊劇情奇遇
  • 有兩個依樹木精魄主題而設計的小型新機制:「附體」單位升級,以及「妖靈」人物特性
  • 科技、建築、技能、隨從事件與特性都已全面更新




  • 獅鷲獸林地
    • 僅限凡界帝國。這座幽暗的森林位在帝國內部奧斯特馬克境內
  • 幽暗森林
    • 僅限凡界帝國。這個森林地精猖獗的地區就位在卡拉茲阿·卡拉克西方
  • 神聖池
    • 兩場戰役皆有。這些閃爍光芒的水池位在魯斯特利亞中部,並由受神明庇護的蜥蜴人守護者保衛
  • 巫魅森林
    • 兩場戰役皆有。這座遺世獨立的森林位在納伽倫德山中



  • 森林健康度主要是藉由確保森林邊境的遠古荒原地區安全並且沒有敵人而隨時間提升,無論是摧毀敵人城鎮、佔領城鎮或確保盟友擁有城鎮皆可
  • 隨著森林的健康度恢復,森林會提供越來越強力的戰役加成。每座森林所提供的效果組合各有不同
  • 治療艾索洛倫所需的健康度遠高於其他森林,但其恢復速度可藉由治療世界上的其他森林來改善


  • 開始儀式後不久,敵軍(依每個森林而不同)會出現並試圖阻止儀式
  • 與以往的入侵不同的是,玩家會收到軍隊出現地點的預警,甚至可以派遣軍隊在敵人準備就緒前干擾或突襲敵人


  • 森林的健康度不會再降低
  • 擁有強大駐軍的特殊城鎮專屬地標與獨特全派系及地區效果會解除鎖定
  • 一塊琥珀,可在翻新後的科技樹中花費
  • 在艾索洛倫完成重生儀式將解除最終之戰與戰役勝利的鎖定



  • 軍隊必須從指定的魔法森林出發,並且只能傳送到其他魔法森林
  • 這項能力有十回合的冷卻時間,可透過各種效果縮短時間






  • 大部分科技的效果已重新調整平衡
  • 以前需要耗費琥珀的所有科技都已移除這項成本
  • 新增數個強大科技,每一項需耗費1點琥珀




  • 軍事招募與駐防建築已合併,減少取得完整系列所需的總建築數


  • 黃金收入已散佈到多個建築
  • 公共秩序建築現在更容易取得
  • 木精靈主要城鎮建築不再需要發展點數來升級。發展點數現在改為「親族」,用於建造經濟建築與基礎設施


  • 哨站主要的用途仍為可犧牲的臨時城鎮。然而,哨站的效果已經過重新設計,以減少建造越多越好的想法。此外,現在哨站根據您所選的建築,會有更大一點且更多元的駐軍



  • 柳樹:提升基本傷害與防禦力,但降低破甲傷害
  • 橡樹:提升破甲傷害與抵禦衝鋒,但降低速度
  • 樺樹:提升破甲傷害,但降低物理抗性








  • 木精靈派系可使用改良版的伏擊姿態,降低了進入姿態所需耗費的行動點數與被發現的機率
  • 大部分木精靈專屬的事件與抉擇已更新,加入更有趣的效果,且替換條件使內容更加難以預料
  • 現在木精靈專屬的隨從來源範圍更廣泛,減少同場戰鬥中獲得重複隨從的機率
  • 木精靈與暗精靈彼此間的種族厭惡度降低
  • 杜爾蘇的公職效果已經改善並更新
  • 升級時代橡樹不再是解除與其他木精靈組成邦聯鎖定的條件,改為提供特殊的邦聯任務
  • 木精靈貿易不再受任何限制
  • 原版的「守衛橡樹」最終之戰已重新調整平衡,敵軍組成變得更加有趣且危險



  • 修正當駐防中領主正在招募單位時解散該領主可能造成當機的問題
  • 修正載入賽洛絲翠的「波爾德羅扇葉」神器任務戰鬥時可能造成當機的問題
  • 修正幾個罕見指令碼損毀造成部分功能無法運作而必須重新載入遊戲的問題
  • 在圍城面板的腳本式導覽開始前就先關閉面板不會再導致遊戲停止回應了
  • 現在載入需要紫晶法師的存檔時,系統會通知使用者必須安裝該人物的可下載內容才可使用
  • 修正戰役地圖上多個單位會呈現T型姿勢的問題
  • 矮人的紅線技能「葛林姆尼爾讚譽」現在會正確適用於基本傷害和破甲傷害
  • 馬茲達孟迪已經完成他的待辦事項,將幾個遺漏的行省首府連上地脈靈網了
  • 奧卡山脈和托爾伊夫勒瑟現在不會再有大量駐軍全面支援木精靈的城鎮了
  • 移除斯卡文鼠人專屬隨從與戰旗的多個隨身人員物品限制,容許更多類型的斯卡文鼠人人物裝備
  • 修正扮演索提戈時缺少的祭品圖示
  • 調整多種物品是否可能失竊、被毀或損失的規則。現在損失一次性物品或獨特物品的情形會變得相當罕見。這些物品現在會在持有物品的人物死亡時回到您的物品庫中
  • 扮演鐵衡豪因時,紅冠靈蜥單位不會再被部分效果加成兩次了
  • 夜地精弓箭手(狂熱者)現在會正確獲得與其相關的戰役加成
  • 援軍現在會在戰鬥中計入Waaagh!計量條總量
  • 修正在戰役裝備事件系統中多種不同坐騎類型未顯示坐騎圖示的問題。例如:厄運巨輪、末日剝皮機、諸神引擎、撕裂翼龍
  • 現在開啟單位升級時招募面板會隨之關閉,反之亦然
  • 更新諾斯卡人隨從隨身人員物品的掉落條件,使11種先前只會在《Total War: WARHAMMER 1》掉落的隨身人員物品現在也會掉落了
  • 移除多種對破產免疫的來源因素
  • 將技能點數分配到英雄技能上時,不會再發生介面有時會切換至軍隊領主詳細資訊或技能畫面的問題了
  • 修正在鐵衡豪因的祭品面板上不得重複的儀式顯示為可重複的問題
  • 納卡伊在罪人要塞中不會再有重複的佔領選項了
  • 一般蜥蜴人人物不會再以「伊特札的悉特布領主」這類獨特名稱生成
  • 李潘斯不再缺少第一條線的技能「勇猛英豪」
  • 李潘斯無法再於藍色戰役線上取得勞恩的獨特技能「王室徽章」了
  • 樹精會確實地分泌甜美的樹液了
  • 修正古墓王無法將卡拉茲阿·卡拉克從廢墟升級到第1級的問題
  • 補給線提示框上的額外維持費現在會顯示正確的數值了
  • 混沌掠奪者精英騎手單位新增在雪地、混沌與山地的戰役損耗免疫類型
  • 古墓王科技「驕傲從軍」現在會加成在古墓守衛精英部隊單位上
  • 古墓王科技「冥界大門」現在會正確加成在死靈斯芬克斯單位上,而非征戰斯芬克斯單位
  • 交換古墓王朝代(科技)面板中的賈夫使者和拉瑟特拉使者兩種單位的增強效果以符合文字說明
  • 只限使用一次的矮人熔爐儀式不會再顯示為可重複了
  • 只限使用一次的安息教派儀式不會再顯示為可重複了
  • 馬路斯的最後一批物資圖示現在會正確更新了
  • 在「領主與英雄」下拉式選單中變更軍隊姿態時,所傳送的軍隊單位數不會再向左滑動了
  • 移除傳送軍隊的姿態圖示,以避免在「領主與英雄」下拉式選單中發生破圖
  • 黑岩堡的「大城砦」地標現在也能招募黑獸人首領人物,且容量增加2
  • 在啟用閃電戰的狀況下載入遊戲時,在戰鬥前畫面上的「控制大規模軍隊」選項不會再消失了
  • 在發動Waaagh!期間用其他傳奇領主取代綠皮傳奇領主時,不會再導致玩家可發動多項Waaagh!技能
  • 現在斯奈敕會在任務完成時自動裝備狂風淌血劍
  • 現在馬勒基斯凡界帝國戰役勝利條件中的佔有行省部分不會再提及奧蘇安了
  • 「白獅」阿拉斯塔的獨特特性現在會正確降低所有查瑞斯單位的維持費
  • 泰瑞昂的先天特性「偉大勇士」現在會正確降低遊俠的維持費
  • 未揭曉單位的兵牌上不會再顯示廢料升級項目了
  • 修正在解除斯奈敕的「瞬殺計劃」儀式和「暗中行兇」功能的鎖定時,事件訊息中文字和圖示的問題
  • 綠皮紅線技能「強壯小子」現在也會適用於沼澤惡煞和大塊頭
  • 艾薩里昂的「水來土掩」技能現在會正確將護甲加成適用於持盾的霧中行者單位
  • 移除了赫克斯奧特爾派系效果中提及「魔蟾蜍法師祭司招募容量」的老舊敘述
  • 馬茲達孟迪現在會獲得與其他第二代魔蟾蜍相同的加成效果
  • 不再能從《The Warden & The Paunch》最終之戰中撤退了
  • 修正在多人遊戲的特定狀況下,主持人的戰鬥後畫面可能會顯示軍隊和城鎮面板的問題
  • 在多人遊戲戰役中,不再能在非自己回合時變更科技研發
  • 在多人遊戲戰役中,不再能在非自己回合時解除人物的公職
  • 您現在可以在多人遊戲中看到合作夥伴的伏擊姿態圖示
  • 在戰鬥前畫面中不再能切換其他玩家的電腦操控選項了
  • 在舊世界山脈隘口的伏擊戰不會再使用暗精靈主題地圖了
  • 軍隊不會再卡進恐懼之岩島上的山地了
  • 修正在戰場上使用「先祖號角」魔法物品時缺少的幽靈族長(矮人)兵牌
  • 馬茲達孟迪「毀滅群城」能力造成的三道裂隙現在不會再互相重疊了
  • 修正艾薩里昂最終之戰開場影片的語音和字幕不符的問題
  • 血龍騎士團第2級和第3級血族儀式「新募等級增加」的效果文字訂正為「每回合經驗」
  • 更正遊戲內伊姆瑞克的馴龍功能中「伊姆瑞斯」的英文錯字。簡直害遊戲沒辦法玩下去了
  • 修正法術瀏覽器目標區塊的文字空格問題
  • 修正招募傭兵事件概況中部分單位名稱被切斷且有刪節號的問題
  • 以非英語版本進行遊戲時,人物技能名稱和說明在升級技能時會維持一致了
  • 幾種語言中的選帝侯提示框內容不會再被切斷了


  • 修正法術中的爆破成分殺死敵人時,擊殺計數器不會將擊殺數算在施法者身上的問題
  • 修正彈丸接觸所施加的持續傷害殺死敵人時,擊殺計數器不會將擊殺數算在攻擊者身上的問題
  • 修正坡道上彈道預測不正確的問題
  • 修正在自訂戰鬥畫面上遠程傷害以紅色倍率顯示的問題
  • 遠古火蜥蜴已從「怪獸」類別移至「遠程怪獸」類別
  • 彈丸提示框現在會顯示總遠程傷害和裝填時間,而非只顯示遠程基本傷害和基本裝填時間
  • 在多人遊戲大廳中,現在將滑鼠移動至領主選擇下拉式選單的星星上時會顯示領主效果了
  • 更正神器任務戰鬥選單中的阿茲汗派系標誌,現在會使用碎骨者圖示而非綠皮圖示
  • 修正在自訂戰鬥中乘坐遠古三角龍(諸神引擎)時靈蜥祭司(天空系)的統一服裝和肖像條目
  • 修正增幅施放赫爾曼苟斯特的「掘墓還魂術」技能所召喚的屍妖王人物缺少兵牌和肖像框的問題
  • 吸血鬼海岸艦隊船長現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 乘坐冥骸巨像的諾提拉斯現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 腐爛暴猛蟹槍械隊單位現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 甲板攻擊兵現在會計入遠程單位數上限了(您發現到共通點了嗎?)
  • 奧幻鳳凰精英部隊現在會計入奧幻鳳凰單位數上限了
  • 乘坐聚魂棺的DJ卡泰現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 乘坐聚魂棺的DJ卡泰現在會計入聚魂棺單位數上限了
  • 烏沙比特(巨弓)現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 墓穴遊蕩者現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 乘坐災虐戰車的萬獸之首現在會計入遠程單位與災虐戰車單位數上限了
  • 剃刀角獸群現在不會再計入剃刀角獸戰車單位數上限了
  • 剃刀角獸戰車現在會計入剃刀角獸戰車單位數上限了
  • 大塊頭現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 所有綠皮巨魔現在有自己的單位數上限,而非共用同一種了
  • 掠奪者騎手現在會計入遠程單位數上限了
  • 「大肚」格羅姆現在會計入戰車單位數上限了
  • 乘坐披甲戰馬的「無情者」沃克瑪現在再計入戰車單位數上限了。這是行政人員搞錯了。戰爭祭壇現在會計入戰車單位數
  • 厄運巨輪和末日剝皮機現在會計入其個別的單位上限了(不再搭便車!)
  • 遠古三角龍(諸神引擎)坐騎現在會計入遠程單位數上限了


  • 重新依英文字母順序排列說明頁面中的種族,以便尋找內容與資訊
  • 修正黑獸人首領未列於遊戲指南中的問題
  • 主音量的標題文字在各國語言版本的翻譯已訂正



  • 瑞克特斯氏族現在開始凡界帝國戰役時會在駝背山地底擁有一座地下城市
  • 莫爾斯氏族總部建築往後將同樣會提供酋長英雄招募服務
  • 扮演馬拉戈開始戰役時,瘋狂沼澤地區將會給予頂髻,以避免他在第1回合受到損耗
  • 高等精靈「獵人」軍事招募建築系列已經和「侍女走廊」合併:
    • 建築系列增加一個額外的第2級建築,允許提前招募巨鷹
    • 阿拉瑞爾保有一個獨立的第3級建築,用於招募阿瓦隆姊妹
    • 注意:這將導致部分已完工建築在舊版存檔裡發生顯示錯誤的問題。這些建物都可以安全拆除
  • 公共秩序現在對所有派系都會依照各個門檻帶來正面和負面效果
  • 每一點數所需的成長些微增加
  • 建築效果中新增了經濟層面的顯示
  • 馬路斯清醒度效果調整
  • 馬茲達孟迪往後將得到所有身為第二代魔蟾蜍的好處(應社群要求實施)
  • 赫爾曼苟斯特新增加成效果
  • 遊戲前端選單已新增更新說明按鈕以便快速參閱


  • 之前砲兵射擊敵方遠程單位時,無論距離多遠,敵方遠程單位都能還擊;往後砲兵將不再受這種「有往必有來」的砲火問題所苦
  • 停用系統中另一個套用單位損失的部分


  • 改為較不容易對公共秩序問題做出極端反應
  • 更新木精靈電腦玩家以因應全新內容和調整
  • 電腦領主獲得的經驗值將得到加成
  • 往後假如電腦玩家普遍喜歡或不喜歡另一個種族,外交事件將會對其產生更多影響
  • 近期毀滅的城鎮在一段時間內都不會有重新殖民的計劃(電腦玩家仍然可能會伺機重新殖民)
  • 更進一步降低了電腦玩家佔領不合適氣候地區的優先度
  • 降低暗精靈和木精靈雙方文化的種族厭惡度
  • 多項有關於電腦玩家招募的細微調整


  • 領主和英雄名單的操作反應有所更動:
    • 以後只按一下會選擇角色而不將鏡頭移至該處
    • 按兩下會選擇角色並將鏡頭移至該處(舊有反應)


  • 現在玩家可透過一個全新按鈕來拋棄自己所擁有的城鎮。只需將游標停在城鎮主要建築系列的上方,即可找到該按鈕。
  • 被標記拋棄的城鎮將於玩家下回合開始時被摧毀。在實際摧毀之前,玩家可以隨時取消拋棄。




  • 移除運屍車單位的衝鋒加成+13
  • 運屍車與幽冥引擎單位新增蘊藏法術「弱化版驅役亡靈」


  • 殭屍單位(領主的軍隊)增加護甲+15



  • 移除混沌勇士單位的領導力+10
  • 所有單位增加隨經驗等級提升武器與遠程威力+3%



  • 移除隨軍人物的護甲+15
  • 掠奪者單位全體獲得被動技能「憤怒」,達到等級7以上即可升級為「暴怒」


  • 移除掠奪者單位的新募等級+3
  • 所有單位新增地形適性



  • 屠夫近戰攻擊力從+10降為+5
  • 安格林給予屠夫的「長征告終」技能現在於生命值剩餘75%時失效,而非原先的50%



  • 風暴骸鼠單位新增新募等級+3
  • 風暴骸鼠單位獲得激勵友軍
  • 新增改良後的疾走撤退、特殊豁免和速度正面效果



  • 移除了重複提及魔蟾蜍法師祭司招募容量的冗贅敘述


  • 除了原先效果外,現在擁有一般第2代魔蟾蜍的所有加成效果


  • 克羅克加的提蘭克斯拉之崇高長矛現在也會賦予「喪膽」接觸效果



  • 領主技能「黑暗契約」賦予的領導力從+15降為+5(攻擊時)


  • 安格林技能「屠夫王」賦予的屠夫近戰攻擊力從+10降為+5


  • 克羅克加的技能「索托化生」現在也會賦予「神聖索托化生」技能


  • 所有木精靈的藍線都已經過調整,更加符合現存WH2技能樹的傾向
  • 奧萊恩現在有全新的獨特技能線
  • 杜爾蘇現在有全新的獨特技能線


  • 「美人」西格瓦爾德王子的技能「無以匹配」如今除了原本的驚駭之外還會引發恐懼
  • 「美人」西格瓦爾德王子的技能「色孽印記」現在會賦予有如神助攻擊和領導力光環+5效果,原先為領導力+9


  • 帝國「改良重武器」科技現在可讓長戟兵單位獲得額外抵禦衝鋒專家效果











  • 一直以來步兵和騎兵單位都能躲藏在森林裡,這點沒有改變
  • 戰車過去不能躲在森林裡,現在可以了我們覺得既然騎兵單位可以躲,戰車不能躲感覺就有點不講理,乾脆就讓所有戰車單位也同樣能躲進森林
    • 無論單一實體或多實體戰車單位都適用,包括:運屍車、戰爭馬車和鼻涕精泵車
  • 怪獸步兵單位的不一致問題則複雜得多。過去克洛希哥和剝皮狼可以躲在森林裡,但巨魔和費米爾不行。這個不一致問題已修正,現在所有地面上的多實體怪獸步兵單位都能在森林當中躲藏
    • 這個更動將有益於以下單位:所有巨魔單位、龍魔(上古龍魔除外,別作夢了)、附靈魔骸、混沌種、墓穴惡鬼以及費米爾戰士
  • 巨大怪獸無法在森林中躲藏,因為實在太肥了。但一些體型較小的怪獸還是做得到(例如:噬族孽鼠、遠古火蜥蜴)
    • 除此之外,那些長得像樹的單位也可以藏在森林裡
  • 飛行單位無法躲在森林裡,原因在於他們是在森林上空飛行,所以打從一開始就不在森林裡
  • 普遍來說戰爭機具既大又吵,因此無法在森林中躲藏…這讓艾基特克勞十分不滿
  • 砲兵單位的裝備太過笨重,所以無法藏進森林裡
    • 至於弩砲,由於它們的體積相對其他的裝備而言要來得較輕便一些,因此可以隱藏在森林裡
    • 聚魂棺無法再隱藏於森林中。無論古墓王使出多少尼赫卡拉魔法,都無法掩飾這麼一個事實:這單位根本就是由一群尖叫靈魂所組成的魔法漩渦,一心一意想逃離一口在滿床頭骨上隆隆作響的棺材。這可一點也稱不上偷偷摸摸


  • 「激勵友軍」屬性所帶來的士氣增益,在角色和單位的領導力效果上都統一為+4。過去具備激勵友軍屬性的單位會賦予基本領導力+8,角色(英雄和領主)則賦予+3
  • 單位的停止行為有所改善。假如遭遇近戰,被停止的單位會更加可靠地反擊




  • 現在人物整體而言在步行時更加堅韌,部分特別堅韌的人物(安格林!他現在也可以防備了!)現在幾乎無法被擊倒
  • 所有的單位應該都會更堅韌一些,不過那些因質量和速度差異太大而難逃被擊倒命運的單位不會受到影響
  • 平均而言,想突破將您壓制在一處的單位應該會遇到更多的困難,因為您不再有每秒10次的嘗試機會去擊倒您想突破的實體






  • 現在衝鋒或被包圍時可使用跳躍攻擊
  • 現在可以邊移動邊投擲標槍


  • 移除所有漩渦、爆炸、強風、氣息和召喚類法術與技能的最小施術範圍,同時也移除了阿明托克之網的最小施術範圍


隨著《The Twisted & The Twilight》的推出,我們同時也導入了大量改變,這些變更影響了我們模組製作社群的出色作品。因此,我們想向以下幾位模組設計師公開致意,感謝他們多年來為眾多玩家所提供的優質服務:

  • 感謝Mixu、FenrisWolf等許多設計師針對木精靈單位、英雄和機制所付出的心力
  • 所有製作混沌入侵調整的成員,特別是Crynsos和他的Chaos Invasion Choice(混沌入侵選擇)模組
  • 我們也向Sm0kin致敬,他設計的Abandon Region(拋棄地區)模組多年來都是許多玩家爭相下載的熱門模組
  • 最後,絕對不能忘了給那些調整銀甲衛士頭飾的好手一聲強而有力的喝采,包含:The Unknown Chronicler、Ourg以及Taste of Capitalism