What’s next for Total War: WARHAMMER III


Total War
July 19 2021

Welcome back to TotalWar.com! Today we’re giving you some information about what you will see next for Total War: WARHAMMER III. Rather than leave you in silence (& fury), we wanted to tell you we’re taking a break from WARHAMMER III news over the course of the next month or so. No major trailers, no feature reveals, no screenshots or concept art, as we prepare for the next phase of communication.

When we come back for more on WARHAMMER III – currently we’re aiming at some time in September – we will be lifting the lid on the mysterious and majestic empire of Grand Cathay. Designed in our long-standing collaboration with Games Workshop, we’re almost as excited about finally showing it off as you are about playing it. It’s a land of harmony, of great celestial cities and dragons, and of one of the most powerful armies in the world.

With the Grand reveal will come information on siege battles, as the incredible power of the Old World’s largest empire must stand resolute against the tides of Chaos, their Great Bastion holding firm. We will show you not only unique elements for Cathay, but also the general system changes that support every siege battle going forward.

Beyond that we will return to the Realms of Chaos to further introduce the violent antagonists of the Warhammer World. But then, when it comes to the Ruinous Powers, why wait?

Below you’ll find some of the work we’ve been doing on the horrors that will crawl out of the Northern Wastes and the Chaos Realms to feast on the emotions, knowledge, and flesh of the mortal races. Whether you conquer your daemons or lead them in WARHAMMER III, each and every one of these monstrosities will become intimately familiar.

Slaanesh Roster Tease

Exalted Chariot of Slaanesh

Great steeds of destruction that carry the most powerful Slaaneshi daemons to war. The blades are a secondary concern to being caught by whatever is riding it.


Part dancer, part warrior, all daemon(ette), they are unbelievably quick on the battlefield.

Tzeentch Roster Tease

Herald of Tzeentch

One of Tzeentch’s most basic creatures ascended far beyond its normal station, with a vast array of magic to back it up.

Soul Grinder of Tzeentch

Fallen daemons of Tzeentch, bound to a machine and sporting incredible, long-range firepower.

Nurgle Roster Tease


The flying, corpse-consuming heralds of the Plague God.


Sneaky, poisonous offspring of Grandfather Nurgle.

That’s all we can show you today – you’ll see much, much more about these units in our usual roster reveals further down the line.

Shortly after we come back, we’ll also be fulfilling your hunger for the early adopter bonus with news of what that will contain. Further still, well, I’m sure we can dig something out to keep the hype train moving, and we’ve even got some major surprises we very much doubt you’re going to see coming.

WARHAMMER III is a massive game, much of which we’re still to show. Not just in terms of the continued support we plan to do far into the future with DLC and Free-LC, but also in day one minor systems reworks and features we haven’t even mentioned yet. Things like diplomacy upgrades, UI changes, tutorial improvements, and much more. We’re looking forward to showing you all that as well.

In the meantime, WARHAMMER III isn’t the only thing we have in development. Keep an eye on our socials for some of that.