Total War: SHOGUN 2 – Battle of Kawagoe

Behind the Scenes

CA KingGobbo
October 14 2020

Some of you may remember the Battle of Kawagoe – a free-LC for Total War: SHOGUN 2 that was originally only available if you pre ordered the game way back in 2011.

However, now you can experience this exciting battle map for yourself!

Unlock one of history’s most tactically impressive battles and see if you can replicate General Ujiyasu’s success…

What is the historical Battle of Kawagoe?

In the historical battle of Kawagoe, the Hojo clan used the cover of night to launch a swift attack against the besieging coalition of Uesugi, Ogigayatsu, and Ashikaga clans. They overcame insurmountable odds – and even discarded their armour – to seize victory against their enemies with their prowess in speed and stealth.

What is the Battle of Kawagoe in SHOGUN 2?

The Battle of Kawagoe is a battle map featuring the eponymous battle that was provided as a pre order bonus when Total War: SHOGUN 2 was first released in 2011 – but now we’re making it available to everyone for free.

Why release it now?

A number of dedicated fans have been lobbying for the map’s release, and we thought it would be a great addition to SEGA’s upcoming 60th birthday celebrations.

How do I get the Battle of Kawagoe in SHOGUN 2?

Simply head over to the dedicated Battle of Kawagoe free-LC Steam page.