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Choose from a cast of 12 legendary Warlords and conquer ancient China. Recruit heroic characters to aid your cause and dominate your enemies on military, technological, political, and economic fronts.


The year is 878 AD, the embattled English king Alfred the Great has mounted a heroic defence at the battle of Edington, and blunted the Viking invasion. Chastened – but not yet broken – the Norse warlords have settled across Britain. With ten playable factions, you must build and defend a kingdom to the glory of Anglo-Saxons, Gaelic clans, Welsh tribes or Viking settlers. What Kingdom will you build?


The second in a trilogy and sequel to the award-winning Total War: WARHAMMER, Total War: WARHAMMER II brings players a breathtaking new narrative campaign, set across the vast continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth and the Southlands. The Great Vortex Campaign builds pace to culminate in a definitive and climactic endgame, an experience unlike any other Total War title to date.


Addictive turn-based empire-building with colossal, real-time battles, all set in a world of legendary heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures and storms of magical power.


A free-to-play, team-based strategy game, thrusting players into battles of epic proportions. Play as a hero of the past, command your army in 10v10 battles on ancient battlefields. Make yourself a legend.


Total War: ATTILA casts players back to 395 AD. A time of apocalyptic turmoil at the very dawn of the Dark Ages. The Scourge of God is coming. How far will you go to survive? This is the ultimate survival-strategy challenge.


Become the world’s first superpower and command the Ancient world’s most incredible war machine. Dominate your enemies by military, economic and political means. This is the definitive edition of ROME II, featuring an improved politics system, overhauled building chains, rebalanced battles and improved visuals in both campaign and battle.


In the darkest age of Japan, endless war leaves a country divided. It is the middle of the 16th Century in Feudal Japan. The country, once ruled by a unified government, is now split into many warring clans. Ten legendary warlords strive for supremacy as conspiracies and conflicts wither the empire. Only one will rise above all to win the heart of a nation as the new shogun...The others will die by his sword.


Whether you play as the legendary general or against him, the outcome of war can never be guaranteed. The course of history relies on your ability to lead your troops through the most intense battles as never seen before in a Total War game.


Total War: Empire takes the Total War franchise to the eighteenth century Age of Enlightenment, a time of political upheaval, military advancements, and radical thought, captured in stunning detail.


The indirect sequel to 2002’s Medieval: Total War, Medieval 2 is set between years 1080 and 1530 and focuses on medieval warfare, religion and politics in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


Set during the rule of the late Roman Republic and the early Roman Empire, Rome: Total War is a real-time tactics and turn-based strategy game that takes place across Europe, North Africa and the Near East.


From the lush grasslands of Western Europe to the arid deserts of Northern Africa, from the first Crusade to the fall of Constantinople, expand your influence and secure your reign as you build a dynastic empire to stretch across four centuries.


Set against the backdrop of the Sengoku Jidai (Warring States) period from the 15th to the beginning of the 17th century, Shogun: Total War is a real-time tactics and turn-based strategy game with a strong focus on historical authenticity.

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Total War: ROME II – Ancestral Update Additional Patch Notes

August 8 2018

By Ella McConnell

Total War: ROME II – Rise of the Republic will be out tomorrow to download and play, and ahead of our release we have some updated patch notes from the Ancestral Update beta.

The free Ancestral Update introduces the family tree feature along with numerous tweaks, fixes, and improvements to ROME II’s base game and DLCs. The update will be live tomorrow alongside the Rise of the Republic campaign pack DLC.

There’s some known issues that we’ve listed below and will be addressing in a post release hotfix coming shortly after launch.


  • New traits have been added for agents.
  • Champion wealth from adventuring has been significantly increased.
  • Ancillary interface has been updated – each slot now has an icon while empty.

Gameplay Changes

  • Unit formations are now limited to 4 lines deep at most.
  • Chance of newborn babies has been increased reducing the risk of families dying out.
  • Reinforcement range is now visible as a half-transparent red area in addition to the previous blinking arrows.
  • Technology panels now have sounds for player interactions.
  • Ships will now be able to leave their disembarking area by shifting in reverse, making room for more ships to land.
  • Unit formations can not be used on walls during a city assault battle.
  • Added Numidian Noble Cavalry to minor settlements for Masaesyli.
  • Armoured Chariots are no longer a commander unit for Gallic Rome in Empire D
  • Tweaked the garrison units of the Bronze Workshop chain for Odryssian Kingdoms.
  • Removed the “Expert Charge Defence” and “Charge Reflector” attributes from cavalry units.
  • Removed the bonus influence effect of the “Cicero’s Support” technology in Caesar in Gaul.
  • Exchanged the bonus influence effect for a bonus to dignitary level for the “Bribe Gaius Scribonius Curio” technology in Caesar in Gaul.


  • Reduced the chance for two specific dismemberment animations to occur (Blood and Gore);
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the AI to never attack a walled settlement.
  • Fixed an issue with pathfinding that sometimes caused units to rapidly move in different directions.
  • Fixed the battle map of settlement Gortyna while it is under Hellenic control.
  • Fixed the loading screen before a battle showing the Wrath of Sparta map.
  • Fixed the radar map during a city assault on Rome with large settlement option selected.
  • Fixed the radar map of the Teutoburg Forest battle.
  • Fixed a solid shadow line over all bodies of water on extreme graphics in the Teutoburg Forest battle map.
  • Removed the Empire government effect from Caesar in Gaul.
  • Corrected many instances of units with mismatches between their weight and caste.
  • Fixed melee defence bonuses on recruitment to affect shield defence as well as regular melee defence.
  • Fixed Bow units who held the wrong bow or two bows during animations.
  • Fixed the swords on Elite Saxoni Javelinmen to be more historically accurate.
  • Fixed the missing javelin on the general of Gallic Roman chariots.
  • Fixed shield patterns on Sabean and Nabatean units.
  • Removed the shield bonus from Desert Chariots, who do not wield shields.
  • Fixed the armour on camels to Royal Camel Archers (visually, there was none).
  • Removed a few diplomacy strings that mentioned an offer of marriage, which appeared on non-marriage diplomacy events.
  • Fixed Roman generals having unlockable units as general units on hire.
  • Fixed Dacian Cultural Victory conditon in Imperator Augustus campaign.
  • Fixed Gothic Axe Warriors who were missing their javelins.
  • Fixed Germanic Pikes to have Germanic audio, instead of Roman.
  • Fixed the lost son dilemma to spawn once per campaign.
  • Fixed an issue at the town of Kydonia in Wrath of Sparta campaign, where boats would sail under the map;
  • Fixed multiple issues where reinstating legacy armies did not grant army traditions.
  • Fixed an issue where bonuses to missile range did not apply in battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Thracian Peltasts were not considered a light unit.
  • Fixed an issue where Rome’s Auxiliary Garrison building did not provide a +1 recruitment slot.
  • Fixed an effect of the Destroyers navy tradition to proprely grant bonuses to rate of fire for naval artillery units.
  • Fixed the following factions in Imperator Augustus to not start out starving: Blemmyes, Mascat, Ardhan, Cherusi, Gaetuli.
  • Fixed the experience bonus for units effect of Palmyra’s technology Experienced Troops in Empire Divided.
  • Removed Eastern Spearmen from Baktria’s roster in custom battle.
  • Fixed several issues where ships were able to move on land when attempting to disembark.
  • Fixed an issue in Empire Divided where Vaballathus could spawn twice.
  • Fixed Egypt’s territory in the faction select screen to not include Petra.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not assault city walls in the Cyrene battle map during a custom city assault battle.
  • Fixed an issue where Mercenary Maas’gat Marauders did not use a proper transport ship.
  • Fixed an issue in Empire Divided where the Caledoni could not complete their sixth chapter objective if Gallic Rome was destroyed by another faction.
  • Fixed spouses not providing stats to generals.
  • Fixed an issue in the Assembly Kit where the Process Campaign function did not work for Grand Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where a political assassination event did not remove the assassinated general’s bodyguard unit.
  • Fixed an issue in Empire Divided where the sixth chapter objective of Rome could not be completed if a client state controls Antioch.
  • Fixed Armenia’s christian religious buildings causing negative public order due to christian cults.
  • Fixed an issue with Tower ships only shooting arrows from the starbourd side.
  • Fixed an issue where Italian and Iberian factions did not receive diplomatic penalties from Expansionism.
  • Fixed a crash during an ambush battle near the Samandar settlement in Empire Divided.
  • Fixed Cleopatra’s unique voice in Imperator Augustus.
  • Fixed Zenobia’s unique voice in the diplomacy screen in Empire Divided.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ardiaei’s army emblems.
  • Fixed the animations of units, who are knocked in the air from a cavalry charge.
  • Fixed the Emporion for Syracuse and Carthage, as well as the Market for Rome, to no longer require silk in Hannibal at the Gates.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could remain running after quickly exiting it.
  • Fixed an issue where pike units would lose their pikes when engaged in close combat.
  • Fixed a crash during an ambush battle near Massalia in Grand Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could get stuck in the skill select tutorial after the capture of Salernum in the Prologue.
  • Fixed the Loremaster achievement, as it didn’t count the Sassanid events for some reason.
  • Fixed the Grand Tour achievement, it should now unlock correctly.
  • Fixed multiple pathing issues in city assault battles.
  • Many fixes on traits and ancillaries.

Known Issues

  • SLI video cards have issues with in-game graphics. It has been reported to Nvidia, we’re waiting for an update on drivers in order to resolve this.
  • There is a crash when changing resolution with a R9 Fury video card.
  • Using different sun directions in the campaign map via a mod may result in low performance.
  • Replays of campaign battles may cause a crash.
  • After loading saves from Desert Kingdoms and playing through a few turns, multiple agents may spawn at the player’s capital settlement.
  • There’s a known issue in some instances of an AI-controlled faction that controls no settlements attacking Roma, which can sometime cause a soft lock. This may be solved by reloading a previous autosave, but is otherwise addressed in the upcoming hotfix.

Visual Improvements

  • When near-camera objects fading is active, composite objects will fade as one.
  • Pre-baked shadows have been added at distance.
  • Water reflections for all objects onscreen have been added.
  • Implemented option for scaling unit flags in battle on High difficulty.











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