Total War Community Content Round Up: ROME, ROME, ROME Your Boat

Community Content

CA KingGobbo
March 26 2021

As you may have noticed, yesterday we announced Total War: ROME REMASTERED, which is currently available for pre-purchase and will be released on the 29th of April 2021 at 15:00 BST.

To celebrate, we rounded up a bumper selection of ROME REMASTERED videos from our friendly neighbourhood Total War content creators – get stuck in below!

Cody Bonds

Join Cody Bonds as he breaks down the changes in Total War: ROME REMASTERED.

Alex the Rambler

Watch Alex the Rambler as he gets to grips with Total War: ROME REMASTERED’s gameplay.

Simpzy Total War

Check out Simpzy Total War’s Scipii campaign here!

Heir of Carthage

Join Heir of Carthage as he (fittingly) showcases some Carthage gameplay.

Many A True Nerd

Many A True Nerd dives deep into Total War: ROME REMASTERED to see what’s changed in this latest version of “one of [his] favourite games of all time”.

Jackie Fish

Here Jackie Fish takes you through both the new campaign and battle features of Total War: ROME REMASTERED.

Italian Spartacus

Italian Spartacus has put together a handy list of eight changes coming with Total War: ROME REMASTERED.


After many years of playing the original Total War: ROME and much speculation, Melkor finally got to play the fabled Total War: ROME REMASTERED – watch his livestream back here!

All roads lead to Rome!

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