Thrones of Britannia Fame


CA KingGobbo
March 2 2018


Welcome to the fourth Thrones of Britannia blog. With today’s release of the new Welsh Cinematic trailer it is the perfect opportunity to talk about one of the ways to win the game: Fame.

Tall, Not Wide

With the victory conditions in Thrones we wanted to provide options that tie into the different ways people like to play Total War. Conquest is for those who want to paint the map. Fame, however, is for those who want to develop their faction.

To improve the Fame of your faction, you need to construct certain buildings, research certain technologies, or have a good king. Each of these endeavours can generate Fame points, and to achieve the short and long fame victory conditions you must accumulate a bank of these points worthy of each victory level.

Thus, for those who like to turtle and develop their factions, this victory condition ties in nicely with that approach. High level buildings and technologies in particular are likely to give the bonuses that will take you closer to a Fame victory.

In the trailer we see King Anaraut lay out his plan for developing Gwined into a grand and prestigious Kingdom. The Welsh factions are in fact especially well placed to take advantage of the Fame victory condition. They possess a unique faction mechanic called ‘Heroism’ which can provide bonuses to their faction leaders’ influence. This can then provide a Fame bonus to the faction itself.

Similarly, the starting capitals of Gwined and Strat Clut can both construct the special Bard building chain. This can deliver big Fame bonuses as well. Guvan, the Strat Clut capital, also offers further advantage in its unique Hogback building chain which gives Fame as well as bonuses to industry.

There are many other unique building chains dotted around the map that also give fame bonuses, such as the various chains dedicated to different Saints, including that of St Dewi (or St David as he’s known in English) located in Menevia. Therefore, if you’re aiming for a Fame victory, you would be wise to seek out and target the settlements that contain these chains. They hold the power to make you Famous!

Fame can be found in advanced technology too. Look for technologies within the civic section that deliver increased Fame. Unlock this leadership tech line by upgrading your Law building chain, then focus on those techs to obtain additional Fame points and eventually sweet, sweet victory.

We’ll be talking about building and technology in more detail in coming weeks so stay tuned.

Other Victories to come…

Of course once you’ve completed a short and long fame victory, that is not the end of the victory conditions. Achieving a long victory kicks off the events leading to the Ultimate victory condition, something we’ll talk about another time.