The Reprisal Update Final Patch Notes


CA KingGobbo
December 14 2017

Mortal Empires: Reprisal Update


The Reprisal update leaves beta and goes live today. This includes a host of changes and improvements from WARHAMMER I’s Foundation Update, including the Warriors of Chaos design changes, Wood Elf Followers, updated skill trees for Old World Legendary Lords including Helman Ghorst, the Immortality skill for Old World characters, and a handful of bugfixes (please see below).


This update also includes The Laboratory. This is a new Skaven-themed Custom Battle mode, accessible via the Battles menu in-game. Designed in collaboration with Intel, this enables you to juggle 16 different variables to alter how battles work, with results ranging from the subtle to the wholly chaotic. Full details on The Laboratory can be found here.


The next update to Mortal Empires, containing further fixes and balance changes, will arrive alongside Total War: WARHAMMER II’s first Campaign Pack DLC and accompanying Free-LC in January 2018.


The January update will be more extensive, affecting a number of battle and campaign systems, and is therefore taking time to thoroughly test. It includes, but is not limited to: Campaign balance changes to reduce Dwarf domination in Mortal Empires; selective changes to combat behaviours to reduce order-dropping in battle; new innate Traits for many Old World Legendary Lords; a raft of new technologies and Legendary Lord skills for Bretonnia; and multiple new buildings for a range of settlements.


Bugfixes added to Reprisal Update:


– Added more colour-blind support to UI elements.

– Vampire Counts can now raise dead in the New World.

– Improved artillery ability to target siege walls in certain cases in battle.

– The Campaign victory objective Ensure ‘Archaon is in a wounded state’ while playing as the Bloody Handz no longer reverts to incomplete if a save file is loaded.

– Rogue armies now spawn correctly while playing on Legendary Difficulty.

– Fixed a bug where any number of heroes could be recruited after unlocking the Engineer’s Workshop, Gromril Forge or Mustering hall as Ungrim.

– Added an effect to Lord Skrolk’s Plaguelord skill at tier 2 to allow recruitment of Plague Priests in all provinces.

– In Multiplayer Campaign, the defeat screen will now show correctly when the other player wins the campaign.

– The Thirteenth Scheme Rite now correctly gives Heroes 13% increased success chance.

– The Cloud save option is now greyed out in Multiplayer Campaign save menu, because they are not supported there.

– Wood Elves can now Confederate in Multiplayer Campaign with other Elf factions.

– The Runefang Quest Battle for Karl Franz has been fixed in Multiplayer Campaign.

– Beastmen siege equipment no longer shows as Empire Siege equipment on their unit cards.

– Fixed a progression blocker caused by the “Life in the Lagoon” dilemma.

– Fixed a progression blocker / soft lock during the AI’s turn in Campaign.

– Improved how water on the battlefield is handled when changing the resolution scale. Water will now not appear as incorrectly opaque at lower scales.

– The Engineering Student Ancillary is no longer removed from the lords’ inventory list once unassigned (applies to new playthroughs).

– Dilemmas will no longer appear abruptly alongside advice (conflicting with each other).

– Fixed a bug where moving the camera on the far-right side of the Mortal Empires camping map would cause the screen to render as black, until the camera is moved away from – that location.

– Cold One Chariots now have blood when in prolonged combat.

– Fixed an audio bug where the explosion sound of a bombardment impact wouldn’t trigger in some cases.

– Settlement defence tower levels will now be affective in battle.

– Improvement to Campaign AI to capture more settlements being targeted.

– Improved the Death Wind Globadiers unit texture.

– More variation to the music when fighting rogue armies in battle (previously only Chaos music was playing).

– The Cold One mount on the campaign map will no longer make death vocalization sounds while idle.

– Improved the Def Bolt Thrower destruction animation.

– When entering the final Vortex battle as Morathi, the correct voice will now play (Morathi’s instead of Malekith’s).

– Improved a clipping issue on one of the Chaos Chosen shoulder armour variants.

– Improved the audio when a Skink Cohort javelin unit engages in melee combat.

– Improved the audio on the Saurus spear and shield jumping attack.

– Added more campaign selection vocalizations.

– Brayherds no longer suffer attrition at all times due to not owning a home region (they are a Horde which cannot own a home region).

– Heinrich Kemmler’s Cloak of Mists & Shadows quest will now trigger correctly.

– Grombrindal’s event effects have been fixed.

– Added a button to access the Total War Academy to the games main menu (top left).

– Fixed a bug where the player could incorrectly construct 2 gate defences at the Dwarven settlement Wurtbad.