Mortal Empires: Reprisal Update beta


Total War
November 23 2017

Mortal Empires: Reprisal Update beta

The Reprisal Update beta brings a host of content changes from WARHAMMER 1’s Foundation Update to the Mortal Empires campaign in WARHAMMER 2.


How to get the Reprisal Update beta:


– Open your Steam Library panel

– Locate the entry for Total War: WARHAMMER II

– Right click the entry, then click properties -> betas

– In the Betas dropdown menu, select mortal_empires_pte

– The game will now update with the beta hotfix.


In the event of any issues please…

  1. Start a new campaign
  2. Make sure to disable/remove mods
  3. Verify integrity of game files


As always we welcome your feedback, please post to our dedicated PTE feedback forum here:


Note: Please follow the guidelines set out here before posting to assist feedback collection:



What’s in the Reprisal Update beta:

When the update has downloaded, Mortal Empires will contain the following content from the original Foundation Update:


  • Warriors of Chaos faction design changes
  • Wood Elf followers
  • New skill trees and campaign effects for Old World Legendary Lords


In addition, the following changes have been added:


  • 5 New skill-tree skills for Helman Ghorst (please see notes below)
  • Immortality skill added to Old World characters
  • Bordeleaux now begins at war with Mousillon
  • Minor bugfixes



Complete changelist


Warriors of Chaos Design Changes:

  • Added extra Legendary Lord Campaign Effects to Archaon, Kholek and Sigvald (listed under “Campaign Effects” below)
  • Chaos technology categories now provide replenishment bonuses
  • Awakened tribes will now become your vassals instead of allies
  • Vassals of Chaos now provide their master with a small amount of income
  • Chaos Encampments reduce unit upkeep by a greater amount – maxed out Hordes can now in many cases become self-sustaining
  • Reworked post-battle occupation options – Chaos can now “Raze” or “Loot & Raze”, providing growth and replenishment or Chaos favour respectively
  • Reworked infighting: only unruly Marauder units suffer from infighting; higher tier Chaos Warrior units no longer do
  • New Skill Trees for Archaon, Kholek and Sigvald (see Legendary Lords: New Skill Trees heading below)


Empire: StartPos Overhaul

  • When the Empire is under AI control, it now begins play with full ownership of the province initially controlled by the Empire Secessionists AI faction, comprising the settlements of Helmgart, Eilhart and Grunberg.
  • New Skill Trees and Campaign Effects for Karl Franz and Balthasar Gelt


Wood Elves: Followers added

  • Dryad Spy
  • Royal Standard Bearer
  • Hunting Hound
  • Young Stag
  • Hawk Companion
  • Elder Scout
  • Eternal Guard Commander
  • Vaul’s Anvil Smith
  • Wardancer Drummer
  • Forest Spirit


Legendary Lords: Campaign Effects added

  • Karl Franz increases the recruitment level of new lords by 2.
  • Volkmar The Grim increases the chance of magical items drops for his faction.
  • Thorgrim Grudgebearer increases the XP of newly recruited Hammerers.
  • Ungrim Ironfist increases the speed of infantry units by 10%.
  • Grimgor Ironhide’s forces don’t lose Fightiness while in enemy territory.
  • Azhag The Slaughterer increases the Research Rate of his faction.
  • Kholek Suneater’s army suffers an increased chance of being ambushed.
  • Sigvald The Magnificent has a diplomatic bonus with Norscan tribes.
  • Khazrak One-Eye increases the Charge Bonus of Bestigor Herds.
  • Malagor The Dark Omen gains a diplomatic bonus with other Beastmen Warherds.
  • Mannfred Von Carstein increases the XP of newly recruited Grave Guard and Black Knights.


Legendary Lords: New Skill Trees


Karl Franz

The Prince of Altdorf himself now has an even greater variety of unit, army and personal buffs, making him a more effective leader overall.


Best of the empire

Lords: + 1 recruit rank

Karl Franz’ army:

Spearmen, Swordsmen, Free Company, Halbediers +5 LD

Imperial Special Forces

Karl Franz’ army:

Reiksgard: +5 bonus VS Large, +4 Melee Attack

The Emperor’s Men

Karl Franz’ army:

Greatswords: +5 LD, +7 Armor

Heroic Knightly Band

Empire Captain: +2 recruit rank, +1 recruit cap

Majestic Enforcer

All units in Karl Franz’ army: -5% upkeep

An Emperor’s Journey

Karl Franz: +10% Weapon Strength, Unbreakable


Balthasar Gelt

The Supreme Patriarch now brings heavier technological and magical support for his army.


Golden Face Mask

Balthasar Gelt: +20 Armour

Stronger Than Steel

All units in Gelt’s Army: +6 Armour

New Formulations

Gelt’s Army:

Pistoliers, Free Company, Outriders, Handgunners: +6% Ammo, +6% missile damage

Additional Orb of Sorcery

Gelt’s Army:

Luminark: +10% Missile Damage, +10% Ammo

Steam Tank: +10% Missile Damage, -8% Ward Save (Removed +8% Ward Save to align to WH1)

Renowned Scholar

Wizards: -10% Hero Action Cost, +1 Recruit Cap

Research Rate +10%

Metal to Gold to Magic

Gelt’s WoM Power Reserve +25

Building income +7% (local province)


Ungrim Ironfist

The Slayer King now gets further combat buffs. The more combat damage he sustains, the deadlier he becomes, with two optional upgrades to his Deathblow augment, making it either Determined, or Extremely Daring. The player may only choose one!


Determined Deathblow

Triggers at 50% HP or lower:

+24% Weapon Damage, +16% AP Damage


Extremely Daring Deathblow

Triggers at 20% HP or lower:

+44% Weapon Damage

+36% AP Damage

+30% Physical Resistance

More skills follow the Deathblow upgrade:

Great Green Nemesis

Ungrim: Weapon Strength +15% VS Greenskins

Unliving Antagonist

Weapon Strength +15% VS Undead

Ruinous Rival

Weapon Strength +15% VS Chaos & Norsca


Ungrim: Wound Recovery Time -2

Ungrim and Slayers in Ungrim’s army: +30% Casualty Replenishment



Thorgrim Grudgebearer

The saturnine steward of the Dammaz Kron is now an even greater leader in both campaign and battle.


Ancient Bloodline

Local Province: Growth +15, Public order +3, +2 reduction in Vampiric/Chaos Corruption

Elite Enforcer

Thorgrim’s army: Longbeards & Hammerers -7% Upkeep

Thane: Hero recruit rank +1, recruit cap +1

Fire Support

Thorgrim’s army: Artillery Missile Damage and Ammo +6%

Master Engineer action cost -15%, recruit cap +1

Advanced Forging

Runesmith recruit cap +1

Research rate +7%

Income from all buildings +5% (local province)

Grudge Against Chaos

Thorgrim’s army VS Chaos/Norsca:

Leadership +4, Melee Attack +5

Grudge Against the Greenskins

Thorgrim’s army VS Greenskins:

Leadership +4, Melee Attack +5

Grudge Against Mankind

Thorgrim’s army VS Humans:

Leadership +4, Melee Attack +5

Grudge Against the Vampire Counts

Thorgrim’s army VS Undead:

Leadership +4, Melee Attack +5

Grudge Against the Elves

Thorgrim’s army VS All Elf Factions:

Leadership +4, Melee Attack +5



Helman Ghorst 


Path to Ruin 

+10% battle movement speed, +10% campaign movement speed

Unholy Fury 

2 ranks, upto 12 MA/MD

Unnatural Toughness 

2 ranks, upto 25 armour and 20 missile resistance

Uncanny Resilience 

2 ranks, upto 25% hitpoints, 10 physical resistance

Ever Onwards 

+300% cooldown and -2/-3 WOM cost for Danse Macabre, basically giving him ability to cast one Danse Macabre at a longer interval for a fraction of the cost



Heinrich Kemmler

Sylvania’s Lichemaster Lord now has a skill tree entirely devoted to improving Krell. Plus, Master Necromancer Lords serving Kemmler are also more adept at leading their putrid hordes. Heinrich now begins with the Lord of the Scourge and Thrall Master skills unlocked.


Undying Guardian

Krell degrades at half speed

Immortal Challenger

Krell gains the Deadly Onslaught and Foes Seeker abilities

Perpetual Regeneration

Krell gains +25% Health and +10 Melee Defence

Black Axe

Krell gains +5 Melee Attack and +10 Charge Bonus

Eternal Bastion

Krell no longer degrades in battle

In addition, all Master Necromancer Lords under Kemmler get two new 3-tier skills:

Lord of the Scourge

Lord’s Army:

LD: +2/+4/+6

Attrition: -5/-7/-10%

Casualty Replenishment: +5/+7/+10%

Thrall Master

Lord’s Army:

Skeletal/Zombie recruits bonus Unit XP: +2/+4/+6

Recruitment costs: -5/-10/-15%

Raise Dead cost: -5/-10/-15%



Grimgor Ironhide

Grimgorz got an’ ‘ole lot’ ‘ARDER, an makes da best boyz EVEN BETTAAAAAAAH!!!


Nevva Second Best!

Lord recruit rank +2

Black Orc Wrecking Ball

Grimgor’s army:

Black Orcs +4 AP Damage, +6 Charge Bonus

Bigger ‘n’ ‘Arder

Grimgor’s Army:

Orc & Savage Orc Big ‘Un units: +5 Bonus vs Large, +4 LD

Imposing Presence

Grimgor Causes Fear


Grimgor gains +8% HP

From the Front

Grimgor gains +15% Speed and Frenzy



Azhag The Slaughterer

The Greenskins’ crowned sorcerer gains a new range of campaign and low-tier unit buffs, improvements to his command of the Winds of Magic, and Regeneration. Azhag also benefits from a revised starting army composition, gaining Orc Boar Boy Big’Uns, Orc Big’Uns and Trolls.


Imbued by Madness

Azhag’s Army:

Attrition -8%

Upkeep -8% for Orc Boyz, Savage Orcs, and Orc/Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Earthshaking Orders

Azhag’s Army:

LD +4 for for Orc Boyz, Savage Orcs, and Orc/Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Melee Defence +5 for Orc Boyz, Savage Orcs, and Orc/Savage Orc Boar Boyz

Missile Damage +8% for Orc/Savage Orc Arrer Boyz

Insane Visions

Shaman Heroes recruit rank +2, recruit cap +1

Not Orcy Enuff!

Azhag: Underway/Beast-Path/Worldroot interception chance +12%

Enemy Siege Holdout Time -2

Wild Abandon

Azhag gains +10 Charge Bonus, +4 Melee Attack

Darkest Nimbus

Azhag gains +15 WoM Power Reserve and Regeneration


Archaon The Everchosen

As the Everchosen marshals his twisted forces against the Old World, he brings new improvements to core units, Lords and Heroes in the roster.


The Grand Marshal of Chaos

Lord recruit rank +2

Abyss-Forged Armour

Archaon’s Army:

Chaos Warrior units: -8% Upkeep, -10% Recruitment Cost

The Chosen Ones

Archaon’s Army:

Chosen Units: +6% Physical Resistance, +4 Melee Defence

Knights of the Herald

Archaon’s Army:

Chaos Knights units: +8% Weapon Strength, +8% Speed

Distinguished Champions

Exalted Hero Recruit Rank +2, Recruit Cap +1

Ascension to Daemonhood

WoM Power Reserve +15

Physical Resistance +10%

Chaos Corruption +2 (local province)


Sigvald The Magnificent

If looks could kill… Sigvald’s vanity swells ever further, bringing unexpected benefits to his troops and stirring enmity in other Chaos Lords!



+5 LD (Sigvald’s army)

+25% Upkeep for Chaos Lords & Sorcerer Lords


+3% Melee Defence

+3 Melee Attack


Sigvald’s Army:

+4 Armour

+3 Melee Defence

Driven by Lust

Sigvald’s Army:

-5% Upkeep, +8% Income from Post-Battle Loot & Razing Settlements

Born to Serve

+5% Hero Action Success Chance

-5% Hero Action Cost


Sigvald Causes Terror


Kholek Suneater

Kholek becomes more monstrous still, and imbues earth-shaking ferocity in his Dragon Ogres and Dragon Ogre Shaggoths.


A Moving Mountain

Kholek’s Army: +4 LD when laying siege, -2 Enemy Siege Holdout Time

Toughened Skin

Kholek gains +10 Armour, +8% Magical Resistance

Giant Killer

Kholek gains +6 Bonus vs Large, +6% Weapon Strength

Seismic Shock

Kholek’s army:

+8% Weapon Strength, +5% Charge bonus for Dragon Ogres & Dragon Ogre Shaggoths

Unearthly & Anomalous

Kholek’s Army:

+4% Campaign Movement Range & Casualty Replenishment

The Sun Eater

Kholek gains Chaos Corruption +2 and Frenzy




Fixed Bretonnia Knight recruitment

Fixed Carcassone invalid wine building

Greenskin resource buildings now appear in the right locations


Bugfixes (New Content/DLC)

Added new Greenskin Exotic Animals building (squigs)