Mortal Empires PTE Patch Notes


CA KingGobbo
November 3 2017

Mortal Empires: Hotfix Beta


This beta hotfix addresses the severity and nature of the Chaos Invasion mechanic in the Mortal Empires campaign for WARHAMMER II. A handful of other fixes and changes are also included; please see below for full details.


The main purpose of this beta however is to put the Chaos invasion changes we’ve been working on into a public test environment, so we’re releasing it as an opt-in beta while we continue to test the validity of the changes ourselves. Please be aware that this is very much an in-progress patch, and is therefore subject to change. As such, you may come across some issues.


However, rather than hold back until our own testing is complete, we felt it more important to make the Chaos invasion changes we’ve been working on available to players as early as we could; both for your immediate enjoyment, and to gather community feedback about how the hotfix changes the game.


And a quick note on our ongoing philosophy with the series: as with the original Total War: WARHAMMER, we will continue to change, improve and balance Total War: WARHAMMER II over the course of its life. Player feedback is instrumental to that.


So, please do get stuck into some campaigns, and let us know how you feel about these Chaos invasion changes in this particular feedback thread:


How to get the beta hotfix


  • Open your Steam Library pane
  • Locate the entry for Total War: WARHAMMER II
  • Right click the entry, then click properties -> betas
  • In the Betas dropdown menu, select mortal_empires_pte
  • The game will now update with the beta hotfix.



Chaos invasion changes

We’ve changed the manner in which Chaos now invades the world. Invasion waves trigger when the player’s empire reaches a certain scale; the threshold for this has been raised for all invasion waves, and will no longer activate by default by a certain turn. As a result, Chaos invasions are more likely to happen later than before, in-keeping with the scale of the campaign.


In addition, invasion waves now begin at war with a whole range of factions, barring Chaos and Beastmen. And while the player may well start at war with Chaos, they will no longer be targeted by all Chaos armies which appear. This should make for a more varied invasion, as the player’s faction will not be alone in warring with Chaos, and further supports the sandbox design of Mortal Empires.


To complement this, the High Elves and Lizardmen now join the other notionally ‘good’ or ‘orderly’ factions (ie Empire, Dwarfs and Bretonnia) in gaining the Shield of Civilisation trait when the main Chaos invasion occurs.


In aggregate, these changes aim to make the Chaos invasion later and fairer, bringing more non-player factions into a state of war with Chaos, and increasing gameplay variety across your campaigns. We’re looking forward to hearing how you find these changes.



Other bug fixes:

Campaign Multiplayer: players armies will no longer be auto-assigned the ‘release captives’ option post-battle when choosing a different option

Multiple updates to Chinese localisation

Character porthole lighting issues addressed

Fixed crash that sometime happened when loading campaign saves

Fix for certain game saves being marked as ‘unable to load’

Missing goldmine building has been returned to Mount Gunbad

Settlement garrisons in Lahmia and Khemri are no longer missing

Morathi and Malekith no longer contribute to corruption types other than their own when present in corrupted regions owned by other factions

Campaign multiplayer: players no longer gets Game Aborted message after Chaos Invasion cinematic

Fix for error informing players they need to purchase Warhammer II to player mortal Empires, when they own part 2 but not part 1

Campaign multiplayer: game will not now lock up when one player loses a co-op or H2H campaign

Black graphical artifacts will no longer appear over the vortex in the Low graphics preset

Found and fixed a front end memory leak